Thanasis is a very sweet boy who spends much of his time at home. His parents work really hard and he is not allowed to visit his friends alone, because of his health problem. That is why, it was easy for him to choose his wish, as a gaming computer would fill his time with lots of fun and games.

His fairies started working hard for his wish so that he could spend quality time with his parents and friends, which is what he needed the most. They started organizing a 5×5 game for him and his team, the so called “Water FC”, when something unexpected happened.

His parents found their way to Panseraikos FC who gladly agreed to be part of his wish! So his fairy arranged to visit their training center and play football with them.

Thanasis couldn’t wait to play with his favourite team and even though his fairy told him the computer be a little longer , he did not bother. He told everyone he was going to play football with Panseraikos.

However, his fairy had secretly arranged to set up his new computer in his room while he was away.

The night before the game, he was restless and excited and couldn’t even sleep. The next day two mini vans drove to his home picked him up, along with his family and friends. Two sweet fairies were waiting for them at the training center holding T-shirts with their names and numbers in order for them to look like real professional football players.

The team welcomed everyone and showed them around the football pitch the and the changing rooms. But then it was time for the game, Panseraikos vs Water FC with the latter winning the game and Thanasis scoring 3 goals. When the game was over, the team gave Thanasis a football and a T-shirt signed by everyone. He was so happy and overwhelmed, he could hardly hold his tears.

Next stop was a beautiful restaurant with magnificent view, where they were warmly welcomed. When the much loved burgers arrived at the table, the children were totally amazed, as they were the biggest burgers they had ever seen! Nice foods, lots of gifts and a very nice time with his friends were the perfect ending to his day. Or so he thought, because the surprises were not over yet…

He arrived home, with his parents, only to find the fairy he had just said goodbye to! Completely dazzled, he followed her to his room, where he found his brand new gaming PC set up on his desk. Super excited, he rushed to it and started opening the packages only to discover more gaming accessories. He started exploring his new PC right away. Nothing could draw his attention from it, not even the delicious cake the fairy presented him with.

The next day, his father said the most touching words, that melted the fairy’s heart: Since the beginning, this has been a beautiful break from the difficulties we have been going through. Happy feelings for me and my wife but mostly for our boy, Thanasis. We would like to thank each and every one working in the organization. God bless you all! We are hard-working people and even though I am much older, I have never felt anything like it. Everything was amazing for all of us, not just for our son. Thank you all!

We would like to thank the Pancerraikos team that participated in the granting of Thanasis’ wish, after the initiative and help of his parents!

Thanks to Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted Thanasi’s wish!

We’d like to thank all the volunteers participated in the wish: Martha Georgiadou, Christina Voiki

We’d like to thank our sponsors in-kind: SECRETLAB, Panserraikos FC, VSR, Serres Radiotaxi, Elpida resort & Spa, Delices, ΚΙΦΑ, Blue Soft, MyIkona, Giannis Samaras, Alexandros Stavropoulos

We’d like to thank our supporters in-kind: Redloop Creative Agency