What could one say about Areti? Not even we, the fairies, know! A girl so expressive, always smiley and excited, that has learnt to appreciate the valuable things in life. Her schedule is always full of her studies, her athletic and extracurricular activities and -almost – always a loyal follower of her dog, Melina. It’s impossible to talk to her and not get affected by her pretty smile and positive energy!

From the fairies, she asked to transform her room into something more princess-like! She didn’t want though – as well as most of our little girls – specific princess figures, but something classy and fancy like a princess’ palace! Her childlike room would get a more elegant vibe!

The truth is that the fairies had to experiment a lot until they came up with the perfect solution. Their constant communication with Areti, nevertheless, inspired them into making more personalized and original ideas that would surely make the difference! Especially, while on quarantine, the fairies exchanged with Areti more messages, videocalls and photos and she started sharing new information about her – for example her new passion about cooking and knitting! In fact, she made on her own her birthday cake, which the fairies and elves could obviously not miss, thus, they organized a ZOOM party!

The day of the wish granting, a small surprise was waiting for her; an excursion to a crafts shop, where she followed every single instruction the experts gave her in order to create a drapery doll. Back at the house, everything was ready! Her princess bed, with hand-curved details, white elegant sheets, an ornate golden mirror that was placed right above her impressive minimal desk and a silky rug waiting for our little girl’s first steps on it as a princess!

The fairies welcomed Areti with a “star rain” and the party will remain in wish-history! Joy, laughter, excitement, posing in front of the camera lenses and in every corner a new surprise! And a bunch of fairies in the corner of the room, in a videocall, emotionally touched, smiling non stop, looking at Areti’s beautiful, lighted face!

Special Thanks to Αθηναϊκή Ζυθοποιία Α.Ε. for the adoption of the wish

to our volunteers: Anna Manoglou, Sotiria Mpouroulidou, Haris Toufeksi, MargaritaPapalaiou

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