I wish to meet Olympiakos basketball team – Constantinos, 14, Ewing sarcoma

Constantinos is an athletic teen who loves sports and has one great love, Olympiakos. He is also a true fighter, full of strength and courage. We had to wait for a year before fulfilling his wish, as his health did not permit us to do so sooner. All the while, he remained unwavering in his wish. He wanted to meet his favourite heroes up close, his favourite basket ball team, since he admires Spanoulis, Printezis and all the players of his superteam, as he called it.

Olympiacos from birth, Constantinos played a mean basketball game himself! As time drew closer to the “summit” meeting, his anticipation grew.

When the time came, Constantinos walked into Peace & Friendship Stadium. His eyes were trying to take in every corner of the court, his heart was thumping, and when he saw the players walk towards him he was speechless. They all said hello to him, one-by-one. Constantinos watched their practice and then entered the court himself to shoot hoops with team leader Spanoulis, his favourite player, encouraging him all the way. Constantinos took shots from every corner of the court and enjoyed the day immensely.

The wish-fairies were there to record the huge smile on Constantinos face, when he posed next to his superteam. All Olympiakos’players gave him signed souvenirs, but the team leader made the difference by giving him one of his uniforms, with a lot of love.

The next day, Constantinos watched the Euroleague game of Olympiakos vs. Bayern in the court. His excitement and anxiety for the result was huge. He watched intently, celebrating every point, adrenaline pumping. The game resulted in his favourite team winning and Constantinos along with them, the biggest winner of all. A winner in life! We wish you to always shoot three-pointers at every game and to never lose your passion.

to ΚΑΕ Olympiakos for granting Konstantinos’ wish

to our volunteers: Alkistis Debegioti, Fani Politi, Manos Petrakis

to our inkind sponsors:  ΚΑΕ Ολυμπιακός, TGI Friday’s, Fresh Patisserie, Myikona

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