Dimitris is a very brave, strong and daring boy! Everyday he fights a very tough opponent… his illness. But he manages to win every single battle. He is a superhero, one would say…

So, what would be the most appropriate wish for such a courageous hero, that the only thing he needs is a cape to start saving the world? But of course, to meet and organize his own team of superheroes on the side of which he will fight, defeat evil and have fun, after each mission.

Thus, his Wish Fairies called the earth’s mightiest heroes and told them that they finally found the hero that would complete their super team! The superheroes, excited with the news announced by the Wish Fairies, picked up their shields, put on their capes and flew up to the sky to go and find Dimitris.

However, Dimitris had to be trained before the battlefield, just like every superhero. Thus, Dimitris had to pass a series of difficult challenges and tasks to officially become a member of the greatest superhero team in history! Dimitris, as brave and strong as he is, passed them all one by one! Immediately, Spiderman and Supergirl appeared and announced to Dimitris and his friends – who also took part in the trials – that, having passed all the trials successfully, the big moment of meeting the rest of the team had arrived!

Excitedly, they all run to meet the heroes at the beach, where Ironman and Hulk had organized a spectacular party to celebrate Dimitri’s official title of “superhero”. Snacks, champagne for children, many presents and… water guns were waiting for our hero and his friends!

After an exhausting battle with water guns and many, many hours of swimming in the sea, Dimitris unwrapped his presents, blew out the candles of his cake, flew with the help of Hulk and Spiderman and kept partying until the sun came down.

Our superhero said goodbye to his team and promised them that he will be there to save the world whenever they need him!

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