We still had a lockdown when Elena confided her wish to us. Thus, we had the chance to have many online meetings and get to know each other better. Her dream was to have a Labrador puppy: her “Hope”!

The big day was getting closer and closer and we arranged for her to attend a seminar on “How to Treat a Puppy” so she would be prepared for the big moment. One morning we went to pick her up from her house so that we could all go together to her seminar… She had no idea that it was the day of her wish!

During the seminar she had a hard time to concentrate as she was hungry, sleepy and she had started getting tired from the lesson… To get her interest back, we told her that a Labrador puppy would soon be visiting as part of the training of the seminar. Before she even saw it, she asked: “Can I pet it?” and we answered: “It’s really nice to pet other people’s puppies. Isn’t it even nicer to pet your own?”

When the puppy appeared, she was staring at it like it was some kind of candy. She wanted to run right to it! When she got closer to pet it, we all screamed: “Be careful! The puppy is not yours! You’re not allowed to pet it!”. When she took it into her arms, we told her that its name is “Hope”! She gave us a look really confused. She hadn’t realized yet that the puppy she was holding was hers… her own puppy!

A few seconds later, after she managed to recover from the shock, excitement and tenderness adorned her face! She was holding her best friend in her arms! Tiredness, hunger, drowsiness… Everything disappeared! Elena and Hope moved together for the most beautiful party of their lives!

Special Thanks to VolunΤeens for the donation and the organization of the wish

to our volunteer: Bournazou Dimitra

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