“You can’t even imagine how much you helped us! We had no hope that we’d be able to move Erkis from his bed and couch and go for a walk outside ever again. Words can’t describe the gratitude we feel for granting our wish! You’ve given us freedom, you’ve given us joyful moments… You’ve allowed us breath again!”

These were the words of Erkis’ mum at the day of the granting of his wish.

Erkis stayed in his bed and couch for a very long time without being able to move or stand up due to his illness. Moving him was a difficult and time-consuming process for both him and his family. Walks outside the house became increasingly difficult.

Thus, a special wheelchair fully equipped with everything he needs to move around was exactly what he and his family needed to facilitate not only their walks, but also to change their entire lives!

Of course, our fairies and elves had organized an amazing surprise party for the day of his wish! They blew up balloons of every color, got a lot of presents for Erkis, cooked their favorite roast foods and with an extremely big surprise cake in their hands, headed to his house to grant his wish!

Erkis’ specialized wheelchair had been delivered to the family the day before and Erkis had already taken his first walk on the beach!

After a lot of food and amazing surprises, we decided to let the beautiful family rest and enjoy their brand-new wheelchair! We thanked them for their wonderful hospitality and they expressed their gratitude with a huge smile!

firmly European Reliance for the donation

to our volunteer: Maria Permekeli

to our in-kind sponsors: El Decor, Podas patisserie, Myikona

Craftbox.gr for sending the birthday box-surprise to all our kids, as well as Myikona.gr for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!