What happens when a wish is sprinkled with stardust? It creates a permanent smile on the faces of our young heroes and their families. When Giannis wished for a television, he surely didn’t expect to come across to a surprise even bigger than the one he so much wanted.

The fairies, after thinking about his wish a little bit, concluded that a TV wasn’t enough for Giannis, who has been stubbornly fighting. Thus, they decided to completely change the decoration of his room, where the brand-new television was about to be placed. They wanted to change not only the place, but his lifestyle as well. With their magic wands, they placed a giant TV in the room, along with a new soundbar that its upgraded sound was making Giannis experience better!

They looked around and decided that something needed to change. They chose a pretty and comfortable couch and warmed up the place with a big rug. Moreover, two modern blinds gave a special touch to Giannis’s room. Everything was ready and the fairies were truly nervous to see Giannis’s reaction. Their “compensation” came from the photos they received, with the lovely Giannis smiling and relaxing on his new sofa!

His mum emotionally stated: “Everything is perfect, the whole room has changed! My boy is very happy and with him, all of us as well! It is indeed very great what you are doing for our sweet heroes. May God be with you, so that you can keep on this wonderful act and giving with so much dedication and love what our kids want, while they are going through this difficult journey!” The biggest “thank you” is the joy in the eyes of our fighters, the faith that everything can come true, even their deepest wishes.

Giannis now can watch movies with his brother and pals in his own home cinema!

Special Thanks to DEI for the adoption of the wish

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