I wish I have all the Bruder vehicles – Giorgos, 5 – Leonidas, 9, leukemia 

A sweet little face turned up in the hospital waiting room… It was Giorgos, who couldn’t wait to see his fairies. He was in the middle of a treatment session and the fairies would meet him in order to discover his biggest desire. Giorgos was fully ready and straightforward:  “I wish I had my favourite toys, the Bruder trucks!” And by that, he meant ALL OF THEM!!! He wanted each and every vehicle of the franchise! He said he was watching them on YouTube and wanted to have them at his place to play with his sister and friends.

How could one make such a wish, by such a wonderful little boy, even more special? What would stay unforgettable in the memory of little Giorgos and make him even happier? Our ally in the preparations was a well-known automotive company, along with Mrs Alexandra, Mrs Despoina and Mr. Konstantinos. Giorgos’ dream instantly became their own and we were all united by our shared desire to make his Wish come true and making sure our little boy would experience a one-of-a-kind day.

So, that’s exactly what happened… Giorgos and his family came to Athens, but this time they weren’t there for visits to the doctor and medical tests.

The preparations at the automotive company’s facilities had started days before. The toys were already there, wrapped up, one by one, in gorgeous paper! They all found their own hiding place, so that an exciting hidden treasure game could be unveiled. The venue was appropriately decorated with balloons and signs and it looked like something special would shortly take place!

Even the arrival of our little hero was full of surprises! On the way there, the car “broke down” and a huge truck hurried along to transport them to the place where the Wish would be fulfilled. He was looking around surprised, everything seemed enormous to his little eyes. He couldn’t wait to find his toys, unwrap the colorful wrapping and see the trucks peek through. The instructions were given… “Giorgos, look for the blue Wish stars, this map will guide you… “And this is how it happened… He started looking for the signs and the paper wish stars. Behind each one of them, there was a special toy for him. The facility tour, the search for the toys and Giorgos’ happiness lasted for hours… His smile was the answer to how he would describe his Wish. He was excited and couldn’t wait to return home and play with all of his toys!  Our beloved Giorgos, we hope that this smile will stay on your sweet little face forever!