Even though he is only 6 years old, when his Wish Fairies asked him: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, Harry already knew the answer. He wants to be the bravest firefighter of the Fire Department and put out any fire that dares to stand in his way! Thus, as that moment is long in arriving, he asked his Wish Fairies to temporarily turn him into a little, but fearless, firefighter.

And so it happened! When Harry arrived at the airport, the Fire Chief and the rest firefighters welcomed him firmly to the team! However, he had to wear his uniform to officially become one of them… A real uniform tailor-made to him! The team led him to his locker, while explaining him his new tasks as their new… Lieutenant! Yes, you heard right! Harry immediately became the Lieutenant of the whole team because of the great bravery that everyone saw in him!

And suddenly, while Harry was getting dressed, the fire alarm went off! It was an emergency! His name was heard repeatedly over the loudspeakers! Harry was surprised! He began running with the rest of the team. They climbed into a fire truck and headed straight to the helicopter. Then, Harry and two of his co-workers boarded the helicopter and took off! The little firefighter took a helicopter ride over Athens!

They hadn’t even landed, when they discovered that a motor had burst into flames and the had to put it off. Harry rode down the slide of the fire department, climbed into a fire truck and dropped water targeting the motor, while his whole team was watching him anxiously. Then, everyone gave him a huge round of applause.

Of course, the firefighters had also prepared all the appropriate gifts for their new Lieutenant. Harry opened them impatiently, blew out the candles on his cake and, maintaining his straight face but also his filled with joy and satisfaction look, told all his co-workers how much fun he had!

We would like to thank firmly the Fire Department for the amazing experience that offered to Harry!


to our volunteers: Katerina Tsolaki, Lenia Antoniades, Maria Mlandraki, Kotsis Sotiris

to our in-kind sponsors: Nak shoes, Fresh, Goofy Star, Craftbox, Μyikona

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