Konstantinos is a 12-year-old handsome boy, and his wish was to get a gaming computer. You may think that it is – relatively – simple wish, however, its difficulty is hidden in the privacy of the granting.

We tried to do whatever we could for Konstantinos and I could say we succeeded! Not alone, of course! We had the best ally, his mother, who firstly measured the desk, so that we could place the computer and the gaming chair. This might not be included in Konstantinos’s “original” wish, but how could we leave him without it? How else could he play his favorite video games comfortable?

Yet, these were not the only surprises for our little friend. The day the wish was granted, we made sure he had a full schedule. Starting off, accompanied with two of our volunteers, we picked him up with a big 4×4 car and drove to his godmother’s house. There, he realized, full of surprise and with a big smile, that from now on he had his own room, which he could visit whenever he wanted.

Moving on, we led him to a beautiful beach, where he watched a bmx show, in a custom-made track. He was impressed! The highlight of the experience was Konstantinos doing tricks on the bike! His talent thrilled us! This unforgettable day ended when he arrived home, where except from the gaming package, a huge cake and some delicious pizzas were waiting for him. His mother informed us that Konstantinos, very excited and with a full stomach, stayed awake till 1am in the morning, not being able to realize how wonderful and ideal was the granting of his wish. More specifically, as we were told, his exact words were: “I was sure that my wish was going to be amazing, however, I had never imagined all of this… Finally! I can bring my friends over! You can’t imagine how happy I am. Everything is perfect!!!”

How satisfied can one feel seeing happiness all over a young kid’s face, knowing that they had contributed to it too? As our volunteers said: “Everything was great…We had to much fun…One more successful wish, in which we saw the happiness and thrill in the kid’s face. He went nuts. In general, he was shocked throughout the process. Perfect!!! He didn’t expect it at all!”

Special Thanks to L’Oréal Hellas for the financial contribution to the wish

to our volunteers: Fotis Melampiotis, Maria Kalathaki, Fotini Liapi, Dimitra Apotstolaki

to our in-kind sponsors: e-food, George Dryjohn Φotografia, Studio Octagon, Manuello Pastry Lab, Myikona

Craftbox.gr for sending the birthday box-surprise to all of our kids, as well as Myikona.gr for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!