I wish I had a Boxer dog – Leonidas, 9, histiocytosis

The Boxer is a dog of a rather special breed. Quite a big dog, some would say. …it looks scary, some would say, and it’s also a big responsibility, others would add.

But for Leonidas, a Boxer is none of the above. It’s simply a lifelong dream!

Leonidas is suffering from a disease called cell histiocytosis and his treatment lasted for quite a while. Our little friend was really patient and tried even harder so that he would get better and acquire his new best friend and companion! When the doctor said he could, he immediately called us at Make-a-Wish to grant his Wish!

It took us some time to get ready… Because, as you can imagine, it’s not easy. We had to prepare a Wish day that would be an unforgettable experience for him, a magical day!

And the much-awaited day arrived! Two of our volunteers  arrived at Leonidas’ house and accompanied him to the veterinary clinic Vet Imaging. There, he spent quite a few hours carefully listening to the vet who explained to him all he had to know about dogs and their care while she carefully listened to his questions and answered all  his queries. Leonidas wanted to be fully informed because, as he told us right from the start,  he alone would be the one to care for his four-legged friend!  After the meeting was over, the family was taken to the restaurant where they would have their meal.  Our little boy was a bit disoriented… maybe he was even worried, because the friend he so longed to meet, was taking so much time to show up! How could he possibly know, that while he was having these thoughts and eating his favourite food, there was a thematic party being set up back at his place, for him and for Blue’s arrival… Leonidas’ companion was a little female puppy! And of course, she was already there, waiting to greet him!

When he opened the front door, Leonidas froze, but only for a moment! Visibly touched but so happy, his eyes watering from joy, he ran and fell to the floor to hug Blue. She just cuddled into his arms, kissing him with her wet little nose and constantly waving her tiny tail. Finally, they found each other! And all of his close ones hurried to greet the new member of their family!