During the anticipation stage, a reputable Ballet School was identified and Maria-Styliani’s ballet training, started! Her teacher was impressed by her passion, her strength of will and her determination to succeed.  

On the day of her wish granting, at the Greek National Opera House, she attended a private ballet performance by the famous Greek choreographer Konstantinos Rigos! The Prima Ballerina along with other dancers of the Greek National Opera Ballet Company danced exclusively for her. She was ecstatic, completely smitten and she couldn’t take her eyes off the ballerina. At the end of the performance, it was her, the Prima Ballerina who presented the new wheelchair to her along with all the other ballerina accessories and paraphernalia!

The emotion had flooded everyone, while Maria-Styliani was really happy! She climbed into her new wheelchair with great eagerness. Without missing a beat, she started her first walk. Besides, she grabs every chance to go out and feel a little more… independent. And just before she left… she invited us to the ballet show she will participate in this summer since she is already a little ballerina herself!

Many thanks to the National Opera House for their hospitality!


to our volunteers: Peggy Papandreou, Konstantinos Skribonis

to our in-kind sponsors: Zuccherino, Greek National Opera, Kapola Dance Store, Perfect Toys, Moustakas, Ianos, Anais Flowers, Thomas Patisserie, Prestige Cleaners, Vicky Zorba, Bioiatriki, Master Fireworks And Balloons, Dismosthenis Serketzis

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