When we first met Marilena, we immediately understood that she has the kindness, the confidence and the vibes of a real princess. She is a girl frisky whose smile never leaves her face! Thus, her Wish Fairies knew that her wish should be worthy of her dazzling personality!

Marilena adores princesses… all of them! Anna and Elsa, though, from the movie “Frozen” are her favorite ones… So, she wished to meet them in person to teach her how to become the princess she dreams of!

Her Wish Fairies started working on her wish immediately! The big day had arrived… Following Marilena’s orders detailly, they laid out an impressive ice-blue carpet that was leading to a castle coming straight out of a fairytale!

Her enthusiasm was getting bigger and bigger as well as the happiness in the eyes the moment she saw her castle.

Dressed in the most impressive Frozen dress we’ve ever seen, she sat down to her throne softly singing the songs of the movie, all of which she knew by heart. She was waiting for her favorite princesses to appear patiently.

While Marilena was about to grab a microphone and sing herself the songs playing in the background, Elsa suddenly appears! Marilena run into her hug. She couldn’t hold her herself and cried out of joy dragging into her excitement all of us and, mostly, her sweet parents that were as moved as Marilena was during the whole wish!

Then, Anna appeared out of nowhere and our little princess went into shock again! Hugs, excitement and big smiles filled out the whole place! Marilena didn’t leave their side for a second!

Then, a party we’ll never forget took place! Dancing, singing, hidden treasure games, presents, face painting and everything you can imagine. Of course, the cakes couldn’t be missed. Yes, you heard right… Not one, but two cakes, as Marilena had confided in us that the next day it was her mum’s birthday!

When her wish had come to its end, it was obvious that Marilena’s happiness had reached at its point! She hugged Anna and Elsa for the last time and left with her family knowing how to be real princess!

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