Nefeli is an amazing 18-year-old teenage girl. Her thirst for life is truly inspiring, while her interests have no limit nor an end! Her biggest passion is dancing… She is a dancer, since she was a little girl, and she recently joined the magical world of modeling, participating in a couple of fashion shows and a photo shoot! The Wish Fairies don’t call her “our model” for nothing!

Like many teenagers, Nefeli loves to share every single moment of her life with her friends. Thus, her deepest wish was to have a brand-new smartphone.

The big day was going to keep her in the ultimate suspense! First stop? A – not that simple – visit at an aquarium. While she was wandering among the wonders of marine life, she suddenly saw a diver in one of the tanks heading towards her. The diver putted a message on the glass. Impressed and surprised at the same time, Nefeli approached the tank to read the message held by the mysterious diver. It was a riddle… A riddle whose solution was revealing where her new smartphone was hidden! Hesitant, yet excited, she followed the instructions step by step. Every single piece of the puzzle was about to lead her to the big moment… the granting of her wish!

Suspicious as she was, she started wandering around the aquarium putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and discovering the accessories of her new smartphone one by one. Suddenly, one of the widest smiles we’ve ever seen formed on her lips! Her wish had been granted… She had discovered the smartphone! Nefeli didn’t waste a second. She set everything up and the photo shoot began straight away.

We can’t even describe how her eyes sparkled. She was over the moon! Having finished her treatments, Nefeli took the first steps in her new life… A life full of everything she loves and make her happy. A life where her illness and the bad memories of her treatments and hospital have no place. The granting of her wish was the final piece of the puzzle that fitted perfectly into her new beginning!


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