The journey of Panagiotis wish was long! It was exciting, with a lot of surprises, as well as challenges and struggles. He’s a child so sweet, that every time the fairies met him, a big smile was drawn across their faces. They were sharing his yearning to get a room of his own!

He had grown and as a strong hero dealing with beasts that only few would dare the time for him to live in his own room had come. He was sure about two things: firstly, he wanted a bed that looked like a van – which in fact he showed us in a photo, so there would be no doubts – and secondly, he wanted his room to have bright and happy colors. A lot of fairy-meetings and a whole army of elves were needed in order to make a reality, what Panagiotis had in mind. Everything had to be on point, with details and coordination! The pandemic couldn’t be an obstacle. With love and dedication, proper measures were taken, and the room took its primary form!

A wooden floor was laid, and the wall was decorated with a bright sun and painted with the warm colors of sunset…. with a wave popping right in front it. The scene was ready. The only thing left was the transformation of the blue track to a bed by the fairies. Even if you don’t believe us, Panagiotis can assure you that the wheel could really roll.  And if this truck had already made a lot of trips, it now has reset the odometer and will write the most full and colorful kilometers with Panagiotis as its driver!

 firmly Ms.Koutsounidou Maria for her contribution to the construction struggles of our Panagiotis’s wish!

to our volunteer: Anagnostopoulou Maria-Astarti, Karvounas Giannis, Boris Anchev

to our in-kind sponsors: 3DHUB, Elite Strom, EPS Wood, FORMIC PLASAΦΟΙ ΚΩΣΤΑΚΗ Ο.Ε, Intralink Logistics, La Redoute, Lighting Expert, Mini Fee, Nastos Electric, Pennie, Pizza Fan, Sigma, Vitex, Wood & Dreams, GERAKOS GERASIMOS Single-Member Private Limited Liability Company, Gypsoplak, Desikos, Patisserie Konstantinidis, Panhellenic Association of Electrical Contractors for sending the birthday box-surprise to all our kids, as well as for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!