I wish to go to Barcelona – Pavlos, 17, Ewing sarcoma

A bright, lively city like no other in the world, was dressed up in the spirit of Christmas and anticipation for the new year just ahead, welcomed Pavlos.

A great young man, with a warm smile and a kind heart that ticked happily from the minute he got on the plane to Barcelona. The end of the year was signaling an end to the bad moments of the year and a bright new start to tomorrow.

Avant-garde buildings, modernist complexes, an old town full of sights, medieval castles, paintings by great masters, all impressed Pavlos from the start with their great variety! Our impatient friend started his tour by crossing Las Ramblas, an avenue of approximately 1.2 km. It is the most central avenue in the heart of the city and a walk along it is a quick tour of the best happenings in Barcelona, including authentic Flamenco dance performed at the Flamenco show.

When the entire city is a museum, it can only impress a teenager greatly. Throughout the entire 4 days, he couldn’t stop walking and taking in the flavours and sights of the city. If he could’ve gone without sleep to see more, he would have!

No matter how many pictures you’ve seen, how many videos you’ve watched, nothing can prepare you for the awe you feel when you see Antoni Gaudi’s amazing architectural achievement, la Sagrada Familia. From there, Pavlos went to the colourful Park Güell, where nature and architecture co-exist in perfect harmony. At the entrance to the Park, the famous, colourful lizard, dressed with pieces of broken ceramics, welcomed him. Our friend admired the amazing view of the city and went on to visit one of the most famous landmarks of Barcelona, Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera. It is a great mix of imagination and functionality, and its façade is reminiscent of the sea. Pavlos climbed to the rooftop to admire the surreal sculptural chimneys that look like warriors.

His tour of Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the house of the Battló with its otherworldly façade. No matter how much he looked around the house, he could not find a single straight wall. Everything is sculpted in such a way that it looks like undulating waves.

This amazing, unique experience came at the best possible time for our fighter. With the entire city lit up, full of music on the streets, it filled Pavlos with joy. In Barcelona together with his mother and his best friend, he was living the moment he wished would not end.

One thing is for certain: this Christmas will be unforgettable for Pavlos. Our dear Pavlos, we wish you for 2020 to travel to the worlds you have dreamt about, to the destinations that you hope to reach so that you can fill yourself with energy and knowledge as well as special memories.

to Havakis Company for partially granting Pavlos’ wish

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