A gaming PC was what our little pal chose to swap his trip to Scotland with. You see he didn’t bare waiting till the end of the pandemic, when travelling will be allowed again. The day of his wish, he was waiting for us at his house with his parents, siblings and his best friend. It was also his birthday! There couldn’t be a better cause!

His parents welcomed the fairy, which arrived heavily carrying gifts for Spyros and, of course, his sister too! All the kids were gathered in the room and when the fairy entered, Spyros’s face glimmered from joy! He thought that the fairy would just simply give him the PC, but she had better plans. She informed him that he couldn’t have the computer that easy and that first he had to beat her in a game of chess! Spyros, of course, got very excited, since he adores playing chess! And challenges!

They both sat down on the rug, opened the chess board and started the game. Spyros had the white pawns and under every black pawn was a number that matched to one, two or three objects of the computer set. Spyros quickly won the first pawn and gained a printer and a keyboard. He unboxed the objects in his own and then, along with the tech-elf, they set his new desk. He proceeded to happily continuing the game and won the next pawn and objects very fast. The unboxings and installations followed and then all over again from the beginning! Step by step he won the whole computer and with the tech and his brother’s help, they set it all up. While they were busy installing the systems, his sister walked towards the fairy and whispered in her ear: “Spyros was waiting for this day with so much excitement!”

While they were waiting for the tech specialist to set the computer, they connected to an online meeting organized by Make-A-Wish, with Ms. M. Sfakianakis, Head of the Cyber Crime Division and the CSI Institute.

The whole team of Make-a-Wish and Ms. Sfakianakis wished Spyros a happy birthday! Even though he was a little shy, our little guy was so excited! However, the surprises didn’t stop there. His favorite fairy, that organized wonderfully all of this, didn’t forge to give him a taste of his first wish. She had prepared for him a box with delicious treats from Scotland and a gorgeous card! Spyros, thrilled, processed everything one by one and shared cookies and chips with his siblings and his friend!

The Scotland deal wasn’t over yet though! The next surprise was a VR headset, with which the young boy had the chance to travel, at least virtually, there and observe stunning videos.  In the meantime, the computer had been concluded and the time for him to see the whole system had come. The screen wrote “Spyros your wish has been granted” and for him it was the most important thing! Afterall, that what he answered to the fairy when she asked what was his favorite part of the surprise: “This, what the screen says! That my wish has been granted!”

They all headed to the cake and after honored the delightful bouffe that the fairies had taken care of, and everyone loved it! Spyros was more than happy and wouldn’t stop teasing his family and friends from excitement, with his eyes sparkling and a smile so wide and bright!

Special Thanks to Ploumis – Sotiropoulos General Partnership for the financial contribution to the wish

to our volunteer: Ilektra Stylianopoulou

to our in-kind sponsors: Plaisio, Best New Catering, Moka Patisserie, Lucia Flowers, Bitdefender, Alexis Kadoglou, Kostas Ourdoubozanis, Nikistratos Siskos, MyIkona

Craftbox.gr for sending the birthday box-surprise to all our kids, as well as Myikona.gr for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!