“It was the best thing I have ever lived, an experience of a lifetime!”.  

These were the exact words Vaggelis said the day his wish was granted. It was what exactly he was anxiously waiting for, since few days ago he had a difficult experience concerning his condition. The “bad”, as he called it, had passed and he looked forward for the “good”!

The fairies had worked breathlessly and organized tons of surprises for Vaggelis, starting off by the gaming PC he longed for. It came along with everything needed for a gamer: headphones, loudspeakers, gaming mouse, a huge gaming mousepad and, of course, a keyboard and a gaming monitor. However, it doesn’t stop there!

The fairies already knew that Vaggelis loves playing videogames with cars, so they made sure to get him a pedal wheel to make his games even better! From now on, he could unfold his talent behind the wheel!

 When everything was sent, his best friend, who obviously couldn’t miss his friend’s special day, told us thrilled that he hopes that one day he would be able to get all of these! And the surprises didn’t even stop there. The fairies were accompanied by a high-tech elf, that oversaw the set-up of the computer, so that it’d be completely ready.

In the meanwhile, Vaggelis with his favorite brother were opening the rest of his presents that the fairies had gotten him and honored dully the treats that selected chefs and confectioners had made especially for him! While Vaggelis was blowing out the candles of his cake, everyone shouted with joy “Vaggeli your wish has been granted!”. His eyes sparkled and he put a big smile on his face. Thus, the fairies and elves understood that they once again made a kid feel that the light and hope are always alive, if only we believe!

Special Thanks to DEI for her financial contribution to the wish

to our volunteer: Katerina Agapidou, Ksenia Siana

to our in-kind sponsors: Plaisio, Nikos Fotos, Gastronomy Association of Greece, Gâteaux Patisserie, Grigoris Ziogas, MyIkona

Craftbox.gr for sending the birthday box-surprise to all our kids, as well as Myikona.gr for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!