What we noticed about Vasilis is that he never loses his smile. It is always there. It never leaves, it never disappears. Vasilis, did not hesitate to transmit his good mood to his fairy, when, along with his mother, he told her about the new special wheelchair he would like to have. It was a wish that was going to make everyday life easier for both of them!

Happiness can be found in simple things. His fairy decided that that’s exactly where she wanted to hide it. Along with his new wheelchair, she brought him gifts in his favorite color, red, and his favorite team, Olympiacos. She made his wish day even more fun by arranging a trip to the Attica Zoological Park. Vassilis had never been among so many exotic animals before!

He explored, along with his mom, the entire park. He petted the lemurs and was so brave that he let a yellow, huge snake climb on top of him. The excursion to the Park ended with an amazing show of trained dolphins. Vassilis was thrilled.

When the day slowly came to an end, with a smile wider than ever, he told us “Thank you, we love you so much!”. Just seeing his smile shine brighter than ever, we were filled with love and gratitude that we had been so lucky to meet him!

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