“I wish to be Cinderella, meet my prince and marry him!” Angeliki told us. And that’s exactly how everything happened. Her wish was granted in a dreamy setting, flooded with classical music. All the guests were wearing costumes of the era! Everything was magical.

The wish unfolded just as the fairytale dictates: our star, dressed in her poor clothes, carefully cleaning the ashes from the fireplace, and serving her stepmother and stepsisters until her fairy godmother appeared to transform her for the ball she so longed to go to…

A fairy-tale carriage would carry her to the ball and Angeliki would shout to the horses to run faster and faster! Faster! Faster! Like a real princess, she gracefully climbed up the stairs and danced with her prince until the clock chimed. It was midnight! She had to leave the ball fast…

An important note: Angeliki’s fairytale had a negotiation you have never heard before… While she was coming down the stairs, she began discussing whether to take off her slipper. Then, she asked: “Alright, I’ll take it off! But you’ll give it back to me, won’t you?”. We couldn’t hold ourselves and we burst into laughter. “Of course, we will! We promise!”, we answered!

Without wasting any more time, her handsome prince appeared holding her slipper! “This shoe fits me and only me!”, Angeliki cleared out to her sisters! And so it happened!

Our little princess wore her wedding dress, married her prince and glowing with happiness, got back into her carriage and returned to the ball.

The “catharsis” of our princess had occured and she could enjoy the ball carefree. Nothing could spoil her fairy tale anymore!

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