Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

It’s more than a wish. It is about empowering the impact.

It is about the strength, the hope, the joy and the believing in life again.
Help us grant wishes to empower children with critical illnesses. 

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“If an unbelievable dream of yours has come true, then the dream of becoming healthy again is getting closer.”  Andreas, wish child

About Make-A-Wish Greece

More than Medicine

Make-A-Wish grants wishes that have the power to transform the lives of children with critical illnesses. A wish is an inherent part of the healing journey, that’s why we are committed to granting the wish of every child that meets our criteria. Research shows that children whose wish has been granted can regain the physical and emotional strength they need to go through very serious illnesses.

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Recent Wish Stories


I wish to have a teen room, Christina, 13

Christina wanted to renew her childhood room. Being a teen, she wanted something contemporary and dynamic like she was. The wish fairies knew exactly what to do to make her eyes sparkle, and with a cheeky smile waved their wands and art deco touches filled Christina’s room. She stood there awestruck, with hoy lighting up her face!


I wish to go to Barcelona – Pavlos, 17

The sight of Sagrada Familia, the tour of Casa Milà and Casa Batllò, the walk around Park Güell, the crossing of Las Ramblas and the Flamenco show, are but a few of the sights Pavlos took in and loved during his wish fulfillment in Barcelona.

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I wish to be princess Elena - Elena,10, sideroblastic anemia

«The impact of the wish was actual and powerful» Elena’s mother told us





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