Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

It’s not about the wish. It is about empowering the impact.

It is about the strength, the hope, the joy and the believing in life again.
Help us grant wishes to empower children with critical illnesses. 

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“If an unbelievable dream of yours has come true, then the dream of becoming healthy again is getting closer.”  Andreas, wish child

About Make-A-Wish Greece

More than Medicine

Make-A-Wish grants wishes that have the power to transform the lives of children with critical illnesses. A wish is an inherent part of the healing journey, that’s why we are committed to granting the wish of every child that meets our criteria. Research shows that children whose wish has been granted can regain the physical and emotional strength they need to go through very serious illnesses.

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Recent Wish Stories


I wish to meet Olympiakos basketball team – Constantinos, 14

Constantinos loves basketball and Olympiakos. When the wish fairies asked him what it is that he wishes for, the answer could only be to meet his superteam. And that’s exactly what happened! Two amazing days, filled with great moments and scoring lots of points, leading to Olympiakos’ victory over Bayern and Constantinos’ victory in life.


I wish for a gaming laptop, Wish child, 17

Our young friend wished he had a gaming laptop, so he can combine fun and work in a productive way. Our fairies, however, would not make it that easy for him. Since he enjoys action, he would have to strike at bowling and pass the laser tag challenges successfully so that he would get to open the much-awaited box!

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Εύχομαι να πάω σε ένα πάρκο δεινοσαύρων - Γιάννης, 7

«Είστε το restart για την οικογένειά μας! Είστε η τελεία στη θεραπεία του Γιάννη με την πιο ευχάριστη έκβαση!» μας είπε η μητέρα του Γιάννη





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