Princely life sometimes has its difficulties. For Vasiliki, it happened to be medulloblastoma, the illness which she struggles with since a very young age. However, she always had some loyal friends by her side… Her fairytale friends, the princesses, that kept her company every day. Every single fairytale she read reminded her that in the end of every battle the princess was always the winner!

At some point, our little fighter was informed that, besides princesses, fairies exist too! When she realized that those fairies could grant wishes, she confided them her deepest wish: to wake up and fall asleep with her beloved princely friends everyday.

Her wish became a command for the Wish Fairies and they immediately began the preparations. From the other hand, Vasiliki had begun the final countdown! Every single fairytale she had ever read would now swamp her favorite bedroom.

The last princely touches had been placed and Vasiliki was jumping like crazy in front of her bedroom door. She couldn’t wait any longer! She wore her dreamy dress and took the first step into her fairytale world! The door opened taking away the agony of our little princess. Castles, princesses and flower patterns lined her pink walls. Next to her adored friends, a huge bed with a slide was waiting to shelter her dreams from now on. She was observing her room speechless for a while.  She gradually begun to “unravel” and explore her new bedroom.  The more she was exploring the greater her happiness was becoming.

Our little princess opened her presents, blew up the candles decorating her cake and continued playing and enjoying the granting of her deepest wish for hours.  Now she knows that no matter how hard things get, she will always have the warmth and the beautiful company of her beloved fairy tales… A magical world is spread out in front of her, waiting to brighten her dreams!


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