M. is a tech fanatic and knows all the smartphones and their capabilities very well. He is a sweet child, but at the same time ultra high tech. When his fairy asked the question, he confidently wished for a state-of-the-art smartphone. He was so well informed that he even told her the color that he preferred for his new smartphone.

As descriptive as he was with the details about his wish, he also clearly emphasized to us how important his friends were in his life, which is why he would definitely want them to be there on the day his wish would be granted. The fairy noted everything with great detail and his wish journey had just begun.

Chances were that the new smartphone would arrive along with the new year and so M. was patient. The magic of Christmas, however, hid pleasant surprises for him. The smartphone arrived during the holidays and the fairy arranged for a special day, but left our this “minor detail”. In coordination with his parents and his friends, they all arranged a bowling night. Under the pretext of sweetening the anticipation for the smartphone, we all set up a friendly tournament.

M. was having fun with his friends, throwing pins, aiming to strike, and everyone kept earning points. Just before the winner was announced, the machine seemed to have stalled and the pins stayed fixed. A small disturbance happened in the venue, and people from adjacent aisles were watching anxiously. That is when the unveiling took place; the much longed for smartphone was finally here, along with other surprises, which the fairies and elves had prepared for M. Everyone’s surprise and joy was immense! M. told us that he had suspected something was happening, but the moment his wish was granted will still remain unforgettable to him.

The family’s joy and the children’s excitement, as well as their enormous smiles, were for us the best possible reward!

Thanks to Konstantine Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted M.’s wish!

We’d like to thank the volunteers participated in the wish: Dina Zaki, Anastasia Dimitrantzou

We’d like to thank our sponsors in-kind: SUPER BOWL, GIORGIO PASTRY, AROUND YOU, MYIKONA, CRAFTBOX

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