Alkmini’s personality won our hearts from the very beginning. Her kindness, sweetness and bright smile could not remain unnoticed. A talented young lady with many interests, more dreams and even more determination.

She demonstrated the same determination, when she met Make-A-Wish Fairies. Even though a trip would also be very tempting, a brand new redecorated bedroom would remind her on a daily basis her most victorious battle: the one against her illness.

So, time passed by and she communicated frequently with the fairies in order to direct the designing process of her new room. The colors, the textiles, the patterns, the decoration style were all taken under consideration for a room extraordinary and fresh! Pastel pink along with white furniture and touches of grey, would be combined with references to the world of fashion! Alkmini is an aspiring fashion designer with grate taste! Even though she participated with confidence throughout the designing procedure, little had she imagined about the final result… And the moment she stood behind the door arrived. She opened it and screamed in awe: “It is perfect… wonderful!”

Her eyes sparkled as she was unwrapping her gifts full of excitement and joy. Alkmini focused on every single detail of her new bedroom. She was already imagining of cozy evenings with her friends on the fluffy carpet watching films and playing board games. And each day’s outfit will be hanging on the clothing rail, where new clothes were already waiting her to try on!

She was observing her room, thinking of the ways she would organize her stuff: toys, books, decoratives… all these will add her signature.

She assured us that nothing would be better than this, that she would not change a single thing. And we flew back to our Fairyvalley, with our hearts full of joy and gratitude that we met this sweet young lady.

Nothing will remind her of the difficult times she went through… everything is now bright and new!

Special Thanks to KLEEMANN company for sponsoring the wish

to our volunteers: Anchev Boris, Marina Anagnostopoulou, Hlianna Giannelou

to our in-kind sponsors: Aithrio, Despina Patisserie Catering, Elite Strom, Homepraktika, IKEA, Maison Marasil, Nef Nef, Pennie, Politis Metal, Sticky, Velentzas Home, Vitex, Woodwell Zimarides ΑΕΒΕΕ, Hellenic Association of Electricians Contractors, Stavros Tsilivarakos, Kasomoulis Athanasios

to  ELLAKTOR Group of Companies for adopting the cost of all wishes catching in 2019 (AKTOR, ILEKTOR, EL. TEX. ANEMOS, ATTIKI ODOS, ATTIKES DIADROMES, REDS)