Anna is a little princess. The only thing Wish Fairies had to do was to imagine and design how Anna’s personal castle would look like for her fairytale to be completed.

The only mandatory detail, they had to be careful, with was PINK! The whole room had to be pink and her bed needed a roof to shelter her dreams! The little details that’d come to complete the new room and make the difference were the curtains made by white tulle, the pink decorative little objects, a soft carpet… and, of course, her favorite unicorn that always accompanies her!

Everything was ready and waiting patiently for our princess. Anna and her sister decided that their entrance to the castle would be more than striking! They wore their dresses, they turned into real princesses and run… They almost run into the door!

The door opened and the only thing that can describe their reaction was the happiness drawn to Anna’s face, as you can see for yourselves! With her eyes and mouth wide open, she would stare shocked every corner of the room. She couldn’t find the words to say… She couldn’t believe in her eyes!

firmly Peggy Mitropoulou for the donation

to our volunteer: Alkistis Debeyioti

to our in-kind sponsors: IΚΕΑ, Loumaki Fani, Τhe Walt Dishey Company, KOSTAS KOSMAS, CIOCCOLATO PATISSERIE, Fantasy balloons, KOUTRAS SPYROS, Anagnostopoulou Magdalini, Moira Kalliopi, Myikona, CraftBox for sending the birthday box-surprise to all our kids, as well as for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!