Petros is a shy, but very sweet and kind boy! Every photo he was sending us during our online communication made us adore him more and more! His timid smile was revealing us not only his patience, but also his anticipation for the granting of his wish!

Petros plays basketball in his garden every day! He has decided that it’s the sport that suits him best! Because of his great love for basketball, he wished to meet Giannis Antetokounmpo. He admires him for everything he has accomplished and we’d dare say that he is his idol!

Thus, when the world champion, Giannis, confirmed that he will meet Petros, Petros’ mum, Tina, became our accomplice and was feeding us not only lovely photos and videos of Petros, but also love and optimism with her sweet words.

The day of the big meeting was getting closer and closer. The “journey” began with the residency to a beautiful hotel and meals that were “totally by chance” similar to Petros’ favorites. Arriving in Athens, his dad, Savvas, Petros and his brother had with them everything they needed; the basketball jersey we had given him as a gift, a marker for his signature and full Greek Freak clothing! Among the 3 kids that Giannis was going to meet, Petros was the first! Giannis lovingly signed Petros’ jersey and book, but something else draw his attention; the shoes of the series dedicated to him. Without thinking it much, he bent down and signed Peter’s shoes! The gesture was unique. The world champion, the man who is currently on top of the world, without thinking about it, bent down in front of a child and folded himself in half to sign! Our admiration for John multiplied and our appreciation skyrocketed!

Petros’ joy was huge! A few moments after the wish, while we were taking our lunch, a huge surprise popped up: Petros created his first personal account on social media. The only photo he posted was the one with Giannis!

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