As an ardent Panathinaikos fan, Vassilis holds a season ticket and frequently attends matches at the stadium. His greatest desire was to meet the players of his beloved team and set foot on the pitch!


Fairies and elves worked tirelessly to grant his wish. One morning, Vassilis and his family embarked on a comfortable journey in a van to the training center of Panathinaikos FC.

The day before, an elf visited Vassilis and gave him the team uniform. So, our friend was all set, dressed in green and ready to merge with his idols.


Upon arrival at the training facility, the players welcomed him with smiles and open arms. Another delightful surprise awaited him: the opportunity to participate in the training session! He exchanged passes with the players, scored goals, and felt the grass under his feet as if it were wings lifting him off the ground.


During the training session, Vassilis eagerly observed every move of the football players. His soul, brimming with love for the sport, synchronized with the heartbeat of the team.

The day concluded with a special event. The team had a remarkable gift for their new member – now considered part of the team: a jersey signed by everyone. Vassilis’s radiant smile and twinkling eyes affirmed in the best possible way that his wish had not only been granted but we had also managed to surpass his expectations.


Shortly after, his fairy arranged for the family to enjoy a meal with a volunteer at a delightful restaurant. They spent a wonderful evening, joyfully reminiscing about that day, providing the perfect conclusion to the wish. Through this unparalleled experience, Vassilis and his family felt the love and selfless generosity bestowed upon them by the fairies and elves. A unique wish for a special child, who experienced truly extraordinary moments, filled with joy, strength, and hope, empowering him to continue his personal battle against illness.

Thanks to Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted Vassilis’s wish!

We’d like to thank the volunteers partitioned in the wish: Boris Anchev