Lefteris is a child who loves laughter and good humor. He had a dream: to meet his favorite comedian, Markos Seferlis. He had seen him in many TV shows and plays and considered him one of the funniest and most talented Greeks. His wish, then, was to meet him and tell him how much he admired him.


The fairies arranged everything, and together with his family, they would go to the theater to watch the show. That night, Lefteris was very excited and impatient.


The show started, and Lefteris was speechless. Markos Seferlis was even funnier than on TV. He delivered lines, performed mimes, sang, and danced, making the audience burst into laughter. But the best part was that Markos Seferlis noticed him. He saw him sitting and watching him admiringly. He smiled at him, got off the stage, approached him in the audience, hugged him, and called him “my friend.” Lefteris felt incredible joy. It was like he was the star of the show!


During the break, he went to Markos Seferlis’s dressing room, who welcomed him with joy. They made a short acquaintance and conversation, and both promised to meet again soon, as time was very limited.


Lefteris was happy. He had lived an unforgettable day, and he had met his role model. However, his fairy did not forget her promise, and a few weeks later, Lefteris and his family were on the set of the show presented by Markos Seferlis. Lefteris could not believe that he would see him again! In the studio, Markos Seferlis welcomed him with joy and introduced him to the audience and his partners. He sat next to him, and they started talking. Lefteris had a lot of fun! Markos Seferlis constantly called him “my friend Lefteris,” and that, for him, was beyond what he had even dreamed of. This was the journey of Lefteris’s wish. A journey full of laughter, joy, surprises, friendship, and love!

Thanks to Konstantine Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted G.’s wish!

We would like to thank the volunteers participated in the wish: Haris Patounis, Elpida Goula 


We would like to thank our supporters in-kind: ARTIX PRODUCTIONS