When Adonis stated his wish, the fairies asked him why he had asked to meet this famous player from his favorite team. He replied that he had chosen him because not only was he a good football player, but he was also a very nice person, something that is obvious through his eyes.  All fairies and spirits were touched. Besides, Adonis’ effort to make more children aware of diabetes through a video he made and downloaded himself, proves what a special child he is.

While his wish was being organized, he was patiently waiting for the big day. “Thank you while Adonis and ourselves are waiting to live this magical moment” his sweet mum’s words characterized by the power of this trip until the wish.

Here comes the day when his fairy took his hand and led him to visit the pitch of his favorite team and finally meet his idol. After all these times he had admired him playing on the pitch, he could now meet him face to face! 

However, the fairies had prepared something special for Adoni’s wish day. They wouldn’t’ only throw their fairy dust to encourage Adonis but some more special kids were asked to be part of that day.  Kids whose wishes had been fulfilled during the pandemic period and did not have the opportunity to enjoy more surprises, were now invited to visit the field of their favorite team as well and support Adonis with all their love.

Adonis was shown around the field accompanied by this lovely company, his family and his favorite cousin. We learnt about the history of the field and the team; we visited the changing rooms and the VIP room where Adonis had the chance to ask Yannis so many many questions.

The amazing hospitality of the team PAOK made the day very special for all of us! Laughter, emotions, interesting discussions, a lot of food and a great football cake were what Adonis had dreamed of! That is expressed by Adonis’ parents the following day: “Thank you is so little for what we experienced as a family thanks to you! We will always remember you for everything you have offered to us with such joy and love towards our Adoni. He told us that it was the best day of his life! May God bless you all and keep sharing smiles and love”.

Thanks to Konstantine Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted Antonis’ wish!

We’d like to thank all the volunteers that participated in the wish granting: Anna Manoglou, Maria Georganta, Georgia Agathonikou

We’d like to thank our sponsors in-kind: PAOK FC, Taxiway, Miltos Patisserie & Catering, Glycozy, Happy Teapot, Athlometalliki – Kiriakopoulou Marianna, MyIkona, Craftbox

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