The Ambassadors of our Work

The work of Make-A-Wish Greece is magical but…intangible. We have neither hospitality centers for children and their families nor support structures, and you will not find us in hospitals. We are in our office, with volunteers in certain paediatric departments and with many persons expecting us to call them and organize an unforgettable experience for a child. Therefore, it is important when recognized people do us the honor to act as ambassadors of our Organization for some time, helping us to spread our cause and offer as many smiles as possible.
Our present Ambassador is Fay Skorda, a television presenter and a mother of two, who is particularly sensitive towards the pain and tribulations of those families. Fay has supported us behind the cameras in the purest and most valuable manner, and we feel the need to thank her from the bottom of our hearts for this!

Past ambassadors of our Organization have been Vicky Kagia, Antonis Remos and Stelios Parliaros, who much lovingly stood by children and Make-A-Wish Greece, first by granting children’s wishes and then by organizing activities to spread our work.

Our Board of Directors, Founding Members (Partners), Ambassadors, volunteers and employees make up the unique team of Make-A-Wish Greece. A team that acts in unison and aspires to give hope and smiles to as many children as possible.

“Star People”

Star People are individuals who in a very special way take on the task of promoting and spreading the “Wish Star” program. Wish Star is one of the most important programs of the Organization, which has granted the wishes of hundreds of children in the past 19 years. The Star People lineage began in 2014, when Konstantinos Argyros supported the programme. Since 2016, Markos Seferlis has been the person who has taken on the initiative to spread Wish Star even more.


Fay Skorda – 2016 Ambassador

Stelios Parliaros – 2014-15 Ambassador

Vicky Kagia –2012-13 Ambassador

Antonis Remos – 2010-11 Ambassador

Star People

Markos Seferlis –2016 Star Person

Konstantinos Argyros – 2014-16 Star Person