That’ s how it all began…
From the wish of a mother to make her child’s dream come true.

In 1980, seven-year-old Chris from Phoenix, Arizona (USA) wanted to become a police officer. However, he suffered from leukemia and his life’s struggle had made him stop dreaming. He looked up to the police helicopter, which was the whole world to his eyes. “What if he could see the helicopter from up close?” thought his mother, Linda.

What if he not only saw it but went a ride with it?” added the chief of the Phoenix, Arizona police department.

What if we made him a uniform and got him through training?

What if we set up a high-speed chase and have him ‘arrest’ the bad guys?

And if he truly were a good officer, shouldn’t he be awarded for his work?” added his colleagues.


So, a bit by chance, but with lots of love and belief in his dream, Chris became a real police officer on April 29th , 1980.

Suddenly Chris was transformed. He appeared stronger, happier, and more optimistic about the next day. Tomorrow never came for Chris, but this initiative would change the world. A few months after that day, on her way to thank the officers and all who played a part in making her only child’s wish come true, Linda urged them to keep doing what they did for Chris for other children who faced a critical illness.

And everyone agreed. They met one afternoon at one officer’s home, chipped in whatever money they had on them, collected 76 dollars and founded Make-A-Wish!

Watch the story of Chris here 

In Greece

After spreading like wildfire in the US, this touching idea, started conquering the rest of the world, turning Make-A-Wish into the largest charity in the world concerning the souls of ailing children.

In Greece, Make-A-Wish was founded in 1996, and its first wish was that of Andreas (March 1997), who wanted to play alongside his favourite football team, Olympiacos.

Dressed in the “Legend’s” (as the team is called) colors, he sets off in a limo to meet his dream. He enters the stadium, meets the “gods” of his team and then training begins… with Andreas shooting, dribbling, taking penalties and being over the moon!

Mesmerized as he was, he then receives, from the hands of the coach, an honorary plaque and a football signed by his favorite players, while trying to make this moment last as much as possible. Forever!

Although many years have gone by since then, and Andreas has fully overcome his illness, he never forgets that day, a day which will remain forever in his mind. A day that gave him unparalleled strength and endless willingness during the tough times he was fighting for a healthy future.

In the words of the then ten-year-old Andreas:

“If an unbelievable dream of yours has come true, then the dream to become healthy again appears to be much closer.”

Make-A-Wish International

Every 17 minutes a child’s wish comes true somewhere in the world

Make-A-Wish grants wishes that have the power to transform the lives of children with very serious diseases. A wish is an inherent part of the healing journey, that’s why we are committed to granting the wish of every child that meets our criteria. Research shows that children whose wish has been granted can regain the physical and emotional strength they need to go through very serious illnesses.

Make-A-Wish was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1980 and it is the leading organization granting wishes of children in the entire world.

With offices in more than 50 countries and more than 40,000 volunteers, it has granted more than 450,000 wishes globally—every 17 minutes a child’s wish comes true somewhere in the world.

With the help of generous donors and over 45,000 volunteers, Make-A-Wish has collectively granted approximately nearly 480,000 wishes worldwide since 1980.  30.000 of which were granted in 2017. For more information about Make-A-Wish International, please visit

For the twelfth consecutive year, Make-A-Wish International, has received the highest 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator, a distinction that less than 1% of the charities they rate, has.

Make-A-Wish Greece holds a high standard of excellence and requires affiliates to practice strong internal controls and measures that meet or exceed government and industry standards. EΥ auditors certify its management and financial transparency annually. Its strict cost-sharing, voluntary nature and mandatory minimization of operating costs are only few of the elements evaluated and approved quarterly.