Spanish writer Mateo Aleman once wrote “Wish defeats fear”.

With this philosophy, Make-A-Wish is one of the leading organizations to fulfill wishes of children with serious and life-threatening illnesses.

Fulfilling their desires, we defeat fear and give them arms to fight for their lives. Weapons such as Joy, Power and especially Hope.

The Wishes are many and varied, but Make-A-Wish Greece finds a “magical” way to make it a reality by generously scattering the smile on children who need it and to their families.

Regardless the ability of a family to implement their child’s dream, Make-A-Wish Greece is here to provide an unforgettable experience, an experience that aims to make the child believe that ALL CAN HAPPEN!

I wish to have a new smartphone – A. 15

📱 “This is the first time anyone has given me a present, I am so happy to meet you!”, E.’s words melted our hearts. He couldn’t hide all the intense emotions he felt from us or from his parents seeing their child so happy!


Olga, 5 – I wish to have a piano

🎹 A child and a family that stole our hearts from the very first moment. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Olga who made us bow before her power. Her dream was to become an amazing pianist! Thus, she asked us to help her in her first steps by giving her a real, all-white piano, as wonderful and elegant as she is.


I wish to have a state-of-the-art tablet – Marios, 9, Ewing sarcoma

💻Due to his treatments, Marios was far away from friends and family for a long time. He needed someone to talk to. Thus, he took the strength and patience he needed from the frequent conversations with his Wish Fairy as they were planning his wish together during every phone call until we finally took the big “YES” for the granting of his wish. His smile will narrate you the rest of his story!


I wish to have a teen room – V., 14

🚪 «After a 9-month-long battle with the illness, I saw my child happy! With all her heart! When she opened the room door, I got to see her smile again, which I had forgotten what was like…», were some of the words of V.’s mum, after the granting of her wish.


I wish to have a new smartphone – Achilleas, 14, type 1 diabetes mellitus

📱 “See? This one measures my blood glucose level directly, not like the other smartphone one we had!”, Achilleas was referring to his diabetes measurements. The day of his wish he didn’t just get a new smartphone, but a tool that, through the new technology, will make it easier for him to measure and monitor his blood glucose level.


I wish to have a piano – I., 10

🎹 The road led I. back to Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, where his conservatory had organized a concert a long time ago but due to his diagnosis, he could not take part. We had prepared many surprises! Which were the best ones? The new piano he had wished for and another wish kid, who shares the same passion as him and together, gave an amazing concert!