Spanish writer Mateo Aleman once wrote “Wish defeats fear”.

With this philosophy, Make-A-Wish is one of the leading organizations to fulfill wishes of children with serious and life-threatening illnesses.

Fulfilling their desires, we defeat fear and give them arms to fight for their lives. Weapons such as Joy, Power and especially Hope.

The Wishes are many and varied, but Make-A-Wish Greece finds a “magical” way to make it a reality by generously scattering the smile on children who need it and to their families.

Regardless the ability of a family to implement their child’s dream, Make-A-Wish Greece is here to provide an unforgettable experience, an experience that aims to make the child believe that ALL CAN HAPPEN!

I wish to have a car-themed room – Y., 8

Y. is a sweet child, deeply passionate about cars, hence his wish was to have a room full of cars. But better let his fairy tell us the enchanting tale of his wish: From the very first moment I met him, I was captivated by his radiant smile and lively gaze. Upon visiting their home…


I wish to have a new smartphone – M.18

M. is a tech fanatic and knows all the smartphones and their capabilities very well. He is a sweet child, but at the same time ultra high tech. When his fairy asked the question, he confidently wished for a state-of-the-art smartphone. He was so well informed that he even told her the color that he…


I wish to have Paw Patrol and Superheroes toys – Yionian, 7, beta thalassemia

🦸‍♂️ Through his wish journey, Yonian discovered he wanted to live again as a child. His wish was… toys. But not many. After all, he had plenty toys back home. He just wanted a few toys to play with his brother in the hospital. Thus, we did our best. The day to remind him once again that he is a 7-yeat-old child had arrived!


I wish to have a new smartphone – E., 14, b-cell lymphoma

A calm and timid girl that liked laughing a lot! That is E. A strong girl who fights off her disease and hardships like a warrior, regardless of her difficulties. When she first heard about Make-A-Wish she was in the hospital, and she did not pay close attention because therapy was her sole priority. But…


I wish to have a beautiful room – Lydia, 6, type 1 diabetes mellitus

🚪 Lydia’s new room proved to be challenging. However, she and her wish fairy child joined forces, and the outcome was… enchanting! How did we know? From her mother’s words: “The fairy dust touched the whole family! The next morning, our child woke up different! She woke up strong and full of positive energy!”


I wish to have many Playmobil toys – Artemis, 8

🎀 A new starting line “etched” the path of Artemis’ wish in her life after overcoming illness. The signal was given, and Artemis embarked on a new marathon towards a future that now unfolds more hopefully, more optimistically before her.