Spanish writer Mateo Aleman once wrote “Wish defeats fear”.

With this philosophy, Make-A-Wish is one of the leading organizations to fulfill wishes of children with serious and life-threatening illnesses.

Fulfilling their desires, we defeat fear and give them arms to fight for their lives. Weapons such as Joy, Power and especially Hope.

The Wishes are many and varied, but Make-A-Wish Greece finds a “magical” way to make it a reality by generously scattering the smile on children who need it and to their families.

Regardless the ability of a family to implement their child’s dream, Make-A-Wish Greece is here to provide an unforgettable experience, an experience that aims to make the child believe that ALL CAN HAPPEN!

I wish to have a new bedroom – Alkmini 10

Alkmini’s personality won our hearts from the very beginning. Her kindness, sweetness and bright smile could not remain unnoticed. A talented young lady with many interests, more dreams and even more determination.


I wish to have a high tech mobile – Giannis, 16, Ewing sarcoma

Giannis loves cars! He has a passion for them, especially Alfa Romeo! He made that clear to us, from the very first moment we met! In fact, he knows everything there is to know about the mechanics of these cars and he can’t wait to be 18 and get his driver’s license! Because then, his father will allow him to drive his favorite red Alfa 156!


I wish to get Paw Patrol toys – Manolis, 8

Manolis shouldn’t have to wait any longer for his wish to be granted. He deserved to receive his reward, as he stood bravely against his illness! Our kids wear masks all the months of the year, so Covid-19 can’t stop us from anything!


I wish to get a walker – Roubini, 5, quadriplegia

Roubini has suffered quite a lot because of her condition. She has missed out on a lot of activities that are considered normal and are taken for granted for a kid of her age. For this wonderful kid, the fairies and the elves have defied the difficulties of the lockdown and the Covid-19 regulations and they gave to our little heroine a very valuable present: they gave her autonomy…


I wish to have a teen room, Christina, 13

Christina wanted to renew her childhood room. Being a teen, she wanted something contemporary and dynamic like she was. The wish fairies knew exactly what to do to make her eyes sparkle, and with a cheeky smile waved their wands and art deco touches filled Christina’s room. She stood there awestruck, with hoy lighting up her face!


I wish to go to Barcelona – Pavlos, 17

The sight of Sagrada Familia, the tour of Casa Milà and Casa Batllò, the walk around Park Güell, the crossing of Las Ramblas and the Flamenco show, are but a few of the sights Pavlos took in and loved during his wish fulfillment in Barcelona.


I wish to meet Olympiakos basketball team – Constantinos, 14

Constantinos loves basketball and Olympiakos. When the wish fairies asked him what it is that he wishes for, the answer could only be to meet his superteam. And that’s exactly what happened! Two amazing days, filled with great moments and scoring lots of points, leading to Olympiakos’ victory over Bayern and Constantinos’ victory in life.


I wish for a gaming laptop, Wish child, 17

Our young friend wished he had a gaming laptop, so he can combine fun and work in a productive way. Our fairies, however, would not make it that easy for him. Since he enjoys action, he would have to strike at bowling and pass the laser tag challenges successfully so that he would get to open the much-awaited box!


I wish for a room with Lion King – Zoe, 4

A bubbly creature shut its eyes and energetically shouted “I wish to have a room with Lion King”. The wish fairies smiled, and for a week happily picked out every special little thing that would fulfil her wish. As soon as Zoe entered her new room, she climbed on to the bed and started jumping up and down with joy.