Spanish writer Mateo Aleman once wrote “Wish defeats fear”.

With this philosophy, Make-A-Wish is one of the leading organizations to fulfill wishes of children with serious and life-threatening illnesses.

Fulfilling their desires, we defeat fear and give them arms to fight for their lives. Weapons such as Joy, Power and especially Hope.

The Wishes are many and varied, but Make-A-Wish Greece finds a “magical” way to make it a reality by generously scattering the smile on children who need it and to their families.

Regardless the ability of a family to implement their child’s dream, Make-A-Wish Greece is here to provide an unforgettable experience, an experience that aims to make the child believe that ALL CAN HAPPEN!

I wish to be Cinderella – Angeliki, 4

“Cinderella” is one of those fairytales that “Good” fights against “Evil”, BUT IT ALWAYS WINS! Thus, our little princess overcame all obstacles and lived happily ever after👸🤴🥿


I wish to have a bedroom with a truck-bed – Panagiotis, 5

This fascinating blue truck-bed drove many miles to reach its final destination! The journey of Panagiotis’ wish lasted quite a while due to the challenges of this creative construction, but the result compensated him: it’s as if the wheels of the bed really move and travel him to dreamy places 🚙