Partnerships that… Transform lives!

No matter what the type or the size of your company is you can help grant more Wishes and give more smiles to children who need them. You can support Make-A-Wish (Make-A-Wish Greece) in various ways. Below you can find some ideas, and we are always at your disposal for the development of tailor-made programs.

  • Sponsorships

 It is highly important for us to have sponsors who give us the opportunity to promote our Work and the events of our Organization. Through sponsorship, your name is used in every event thus achieving a positive promotion of your corporation/company. Some events can even offer you international promotion, such as the World Wish Day, Family Fun Day, Bike-For-Wishes, the official Dinner of the Organization as well as the Marathon of Love.

In this way your company’s social profile is promoted internationally. However, the biggest reward are the bright smiles of all these children who fight hard for their lives

  • Cause – Related Marketing (CRM)

You can choose a joint action to help associate your company with the action of our Organization. In this way you stand out from your competitors, reinforce your Public image and Corporate Social Responsibility and increase trust and respect from your clients. You will certainly feel the joy and moral satisfaction of helping some children find the strength and the courage to fight for their lives.

  • In kind donations(In-kind)

In order to be able to reduce the operating expenses as well as the costs of granting Wishes, we ask for your donations in kind. It would be very helpful and important for us if you could provide us pro bono with things that the children ask for in their Wishes, such as computers, laptops, TVs, toys, bicycles, as well as items for raffles and whatever else could be of use in our Work.

  • Employee Initiatives

Volunteer Employee Initiatives can aim at the creation of working teams in the workplace, with the permission of the company, which fosters cooperation both locally and in the community. Employees can realize ideas for the organization of actions (e.g. Bazaars, events etc.) in their company and they can actively contribute to raising funds for the Organization’s purposes.


By adopting a Wish you offer smiles and hope!

A company or a group of employees can undertake partly or wholly the cost of a Wish, thus becoming “Wish sponsors”.

As a sponsor you will be informed about the child and its Wish. In case the family has chosen to give publicity to the fulfillment of the Wish, there will be relevant actions for the visibility of the Sponsor.

ΤMake-A-Wish Greece will send you a detailed description of the process of granting this Wish. In this way, you will feel its power too. If you want, you can also – under certain conditions – take part in the fulfillment of the Wish and live an experience that will impact your life and fill you with joy, strength and hope.

Most importantly, by adopting a Wish you help a child and its family embrace the attitude they need, that EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

With your gesture, you give a child the smile and hope it needs in order to be strong and fight against any illness.

The adoption of a Wish is not only an act of generosity – it is an act of life.
This is clearly reflected in the words of the first Wish child in Greece, 10-year-old Andreas:

“If an unbelievable dream of yours has come true, then the dream to become healthy again is getting closer.”

If you are interested on Adopt-A-Wish program, please call us at +30 210 96 37 660, int. 124.

Donations in kind and Services

You can support us by offering new goods that children ask for in their Wishes. Anything else that can enrich the Wishes is much appreciated. (You can be informed through our Wish list about the current and immediate needs in kind for granting Wishes).
Below you can find some of the “magical” tools that we need:

  • Computers, Laptops
  • TVs and various electronics
  • Tickets for trips to children’s favorite destinations
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Meals in restaurants, cakes form pastry shops
  • Furniture and decorative items for children’s rooms
  • Toys and costumes
  • Indoor play areas for the organization of wish-granting

You could also offer various materials and other products for the bazaars and raffles which we organize.

In addition, in our effort to reduce the operating expenses of our office, we appreciate your support in technical and administrative assistance, mail services, stationery, etc.

In this way, an increasing percentage of our earnings will be made available exclusively for making children’s dreams come true.

For more information you may contact us:

[email protected] or 210 9637660 int.124 for Athens

[email protected] or 2310 523978 for Thessaloniki