Anastasia is a very communicative and talented kid. Full of experiences, she’s even been to America plenty of times, as she loves travelling! Therefore, we wouldn’t be able to predict her wish, as she could ask anything from the fairies of Make-A-Wish. She needed to be patient to meet them, as her treatments and health condition didn’t allow her to do so. She had to prepare herself mentally and physically for the greatest gift of all: a transplant. The right moment, though, came and the fairies received a drawing of her wish: a brand new room! After a lot of research, she had already chosen herself the furniture she wanted her new room to be decorated with. The concept was romantic, as her favorite colors, pink, baby blue and lilah, were flooding the room! She had already a lot of toys and dolls, especially Barbie dolls, which are her favorite, so she kindly asked from the fairies to keep in mind placing some shelves for her them and a rug in the middle of the room so that she can play with her friends.

The “fight” of our young lady had begun, and everything was going according to plan! The transplant was successful, and Anastasia was getting stronger day by day. She was contacting the fairies and telling them everything that she was missing and what she wanted to do when she got back home: see her favorite people and, of course her dog, which she used to walk by the sea with…


And then was when COVID-19 stroke… However, even a whole pandemic couldn’t stop the fairies and elves from stubbornly continuing the preparations, so that Anastasia could have the room she’d be dreaming of for so long as soon as possible and, of course, as soon as conditions would permit it. And that’s what happened… A few days after our girl celebrated her 1 year from her transplant re-birthday, the supplies that her room needed, arrived its destination. Furnituremakers, painting constructors and electricians were in the plan and our fairies were waiting for our lovely friend in her transformed room.

Anastasia knew exactly what she wanted from the very start. In fact, she was the one who gave the fairies the exact instructions they had to follow, and, of course, our fairies followed respectfully every single detail. However, she was as excited and thrilled as a little kid is when they don’t know what to expect! This is the magic of a wish. Because with a little fairy-dust, everything takes another turn… don’t try to figure out how: the most important ingredient is LOVE.

Special Thanks to everyone who supported us in our online walk during the last lockdown!
This wish was granted with your contribution!

to our volunteers: Liana Papazhsh, Smaragda Xrysafh, Mina Sehlidou

to our in-kind sponsors: Amici, Dreamco,, La Redoute, Pennie, Valia’s Crafty World, Vitex, KIFA Transports S.A., Association of Electrical Contractors of Thessaloniki, Association of Electrical Contractors of Kavala, Alekos Voyatzis, Zoides Kouvelis, Mina Sehlidou, Georgios Chrysafis, Os Ef Parestite Patisserie for sending the birthday box-surprise to all of our kids, as well as for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!