D. is a sweet child that has been through a lot but has never given up! She overcomes all the obstacles on her way like her illness or even the fact that she cannot speak Greek very well. She is quite active and lively, she likes making new friends, going to the park, or the playground and riding her pink bicycle. However, D. has never been on vacation so when she met her fairies, without any hesitation, she asked to visit a resort with swimming pools.

On the day of her departure she was quite excited. It would be the first time she would stay in a hotel with a swimming pool and water slides. She just couldn’t wait and when she first entered her room she was speechless.

Also, her fairy had a lot of surprises and presents for her which she opened and she was overjoyed. Then she went off to explore the pools and the slides. “She was delighted and hugged me!” said her fairy, so our goal had obviously been achieved. D. had spent some time away from home, seen new places for the first time and had fun in this magical hotel.

She finally regained her lost childishness and felt carefree just like every child should!

Thanks to Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted D.’s wish!

We’d like to thank our sponsors in-kind: Uniglobe, MyIkona, Craftbox