Deborah from a very young age is fighting a huge battle with her illness. She had to cross many seas as a baby to have a chance of a better life, however, she had never been to an island. She didn’t even know what an island was. Vacations, that kids spend their time carefree during summertime, were totally unknown to her. 

While the fairy was trying to figure out what her biggest wish was, 14-year-old Deborah saw, among other photos, a photo of Santorini and instantly fell in love with it! She understood that after all she wanted to feel the joy of vacations and go somewhere magical to spend her days relaxing.

Therefore, the fairies wanted to make sure that her first vacations were going to be wonderful so that she would never forget them. Four days in the magical Santorini! A delightful stay at a beautiful hotel, some relaxing time and games in the pool were waiting for her. Memorable dinners in one-of-a-kind restaurants, where Debora had the chance to sing with professional singers, as she wants to become one when she grows up. Vacations aren’t really vacations without a cosmetic care; thus, our friend visited a spa and specialists took a good take of her. All the excursions in the dazzling island of Santorini were accompanied by her personal tour guide, with whom she had developed a very strong bond.

The last day, there was another surprise waiting for her… It was a suitcase full of brand-new clothes that made Deborah cried out of joy! Fairies had magically placed it in her hotel room. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined this trip. But most of all, she couldn’t get enough of Santorini’s beauty and all the love and appreciation she received from everyone! 

Maria Filippaiou, tour guide volunteer: “I have met a lot of kids with wishes and I remember all of them very vividly. However, what I will never forget is Deborah’s hug and how sad I felt when she left. It was overwhelming what we experienced together!”.

A special THANK YOU to Maria Filippaiou who made Deborah extremely happy with her hugs and love!

to our volunteer: Maria Filippaiou

to our in-kind sponsors: Μarillia Village, Pyrgos Restaurant, Sky Fall Suites and Spa, Idol, Maria Filippaiou (tour) for sending the birthday box-surprise to all of our kids, as well as for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!