I wish to be princess Elena –  Elena,10, sideroblastic anemia

When your child is diagnosed with a serious illness, the task of parenting can seem insurmountable. Since the first day of her birth, Helen was diagnosed with a serious illness, a rare anemia. Our world was suddenly filled with medical language that was both confusing and concerning. Hospitals, blood tests, nights out, hopes for a child’s healing, frustrations and outbursts were our daily routine. The cure could only come through bone marrow transplant from a healthy sibling-compatible donor. In-Vitro Fertilization with preimplantation control was our only chance for a compatible sibling. Three successful embryo transfers failed pregnancy. But we didn’t put it down, since this was the only way for our child to stop the blood transfusions. When the desired pregnancy finally came, two healthy compatible siblings were born. Our happiness was combined with fear. At this point, we were facing the challenge of bone marrow transplantation. Chemotherapy, medication, isolation, sterilization, inclusion, unbearable pain. No matter how brave a child seems, this agonizing experience has a great impact to its soul.


Our daughter is a very strong child. But she hurt enough, lost her hair, fell and rose. The first signs of optimism arose with the visit of her fairy. The expectancy of fulfilling a wish signaled something new. The frequent communication with the fairies kept the wait active. As the days of fulfillment approached, the little one was impatient. The fairies and Helen started planning her special day with great excitement. All she could wish for, costumes, a trolley with horses, crowns, her prom with a royal dinner and of course George Angelopoulos as her knight, the “Angel Samuel” according to her tale, were scheduled. George was part of the enrichment of her wish, and Helen considered him to be her guardian angel.


The implementation of the fairy tale began early in the morning. First stop, the hairdresser, where Helen had a royal hairstyle. Not only Helen had put on the princess outfit, but her family was also dressed with the appropriate clothing and the fairy tale did start to unfold. When the little one saw the carriage with the golden horses, she bent down. She was crying and shouting that she couldn’t believe it. It is inconceivable to see your child crying out with happiness and thrill rather than pain and frustration. The sequel was magical. Our Fairy and Make-A-Wish organization have done the unexpected.  We were transferred to another era where we really felt like kings. This was the day that we forgot our problems, we thought everything is possible, we were more than happy and really frustrated by everything. The impact of the wish fulfillment was obvious to the whole family. Our guests were also delighted with the joy and excitement mirrored in Helen’s eyes.


The impact of the wish was actual and powerful. You cannot realize it unless you feel it. We couldn’t even hope for the extent of joy and excitement that Helen felt. Our little girl still believes that she is living in the fairy tale of hope. She was so passionate about her wish, that even now, she talks about the magical fairy tale she lived and insists that the fulfillment of her wish, helped her to put an end to the most difficult period in her life. We strongly believe that the effect of her wish played a catalytic role in her triumphant victory!”


Queen Olga II, Helen’s mother