How can I become a volunteer at Make-A-Wish Greece? 

  • As an individual: You can volunteer if you are over 18 years old. Depending on your available time you can join the volunteer teams accordingly. If your available time is limited to evenings and weekends, you can join our list of volunteers who help us occasionally.
  • As a teenager: If you are under 18, you can join the VolunTEENs programme (for further information click here).
  • As a company: Within the framework of corporate social responsibility, each company can offer its support to the various activities and actions of the organization through the valuable participation of its employees.

How much time do I need to give?

As a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Greece it is up to you to decide how much time you can offer. However, it is very important that the volunteers state from the beginning how much time they can offer so that we can plan accordingly and make good use of their skills. It is understandable that many volunteers work, have families and a social life as well as other hobbies and obligations. Therefore, the organization is thankful for the time the volunteers offer in the all areas they participate in.

Can I help even if I don’t have any time?

Of course you can! There are the following ways:

  • In your professional capacity: You can support us by volunteering your services according to your professional background (photographer, decorator, painter, graphic designer, fashion designer, animator, etc.).
  • Through social media: If you don’t have any time available but you want to support us, you can subscribe to the organization’s newsletter to be informed about our actions and of course follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin) to get our daily news and learn about the wishes that have been granted.
  • With a donation: You can support the organization by making a donation here. Any amount is very important to us.
  • By shopping in our e-shop: You can visit our e-shop and choose any of our products! Every purchase contributes to the fulfillment of one more wish! You can find our e-shop here:

What skills should someone who wants to volunteer have? 

You don’t need to have any special skills to join our big family of volunteers. However, it is very important for a volunteer to have consistency and continuity. Depending on your personal or professional experience, you can contribute to various departments, such as: 

  • Wish Team,
  • WishStar Team,
  • Creative Team,
  • Events Team,
  • Office Team,
  • Fundraising Team

Can someone do their internship at the organization?

Of course! Whether you are a student or a graduate, you can get in touch with the organization and do your internship through ATLAS or volunteer independently of another organization.

What is the process required to be followed to become a volunteer? 

Since the mission of the organization concerns a sensitive part of children, their psychology, when expressing interest from potential volunteers it is necessary to contact the Volunteer Department in the following ways:

After contacting the organization, according to the time available, a first introduction to the Volunteer Department takes place.

  • Full-time volunteers: A meeting in person is held and then, the volunteer of full availiability is asked to gather the necessary documentation.
  • Part-time volunteers: The volunteers with partial availiability enter the list with people that can help us occassionaly.

As far as it concerns the Wish Team, an additional check must be made for them to be considered suitable for contact with the wish kids and their families. As a result, an informed opinion on the volunteer’s suitability is formed.

If my request to volunteer is approved, what documents will I need to provide?

  • Volunteer Application
  • Recent photo (ID type)
  • Photocopy of Police Identity Card
  • Copy of Criminal Record for General Use (also available online here:
  • Completion of Code of Conduct (GDPR)

*All the above mentioned documents, except the criminal record, can be arranged at the office if you are located in Athens or Thessaloniki.

Will I need any training to become a volunteer?

Στο Μake-A-Wish Greece we consider the training of volunteers very important and that is why the following trainings take place:

  • New Volunteers Orientation
    Attended by the volunteer once
  • Wish Team Training (optional)
    After a specific evaluation of each volunteer and after a reasonable period of time has elapsed since their entrancein the organization’s activities.