Giannis loves cars! He has a passion for them, especially Alfa Romeo! He made that clear to us, from the very first moment we met! In fact, he knows everything there is to know about the mechanics of these cars and he can’t wait to be 18 and get his driver’s license! Because then, his father will allow him to drive his favorite red Alfa 156!

His wish came as no surprise! He wanted to visit the Alfa Romeo museum in Milan! He was looking forward to seeing all the models they have built and learning more about the company’s history. Everything was booked for the trip. However, sometimes, unforeseen events overturn even the most well-organized plans. In our case, it was a world pandemic, that forced us to put our lives on hold. The trip and granting Giannis’ wish, were also put on hold…

During the coronavirus lockdown, Giannis, who is very mature, had plenty of time to think and re-evaluate his wishes. He realized that it would probably be a very long time, before he could safely go on his dream trip… And he reached the decision, not to wait. He preferred to change his wish and ask for something he could enjoy immediately: a state-of-the-art mobile phone!

All teenagers love communicating with friends through social networks, use applications and taking photos. A good mobile phone could offer Giannis unlimited possibilities! Thus, the fairies began the preparations for granting his wish, incorporating his love for Alfa Romeo, into their plans, to offer him a unique, unforgettable experience!

He may not have gone to the Alfa Romeo museum, but a little bit of Milan, was “brought ” to him! With the valuable help of the official dealership, the top model of Alfa Romeo, Giulia Veloce, the only one in Greece, exclusively for press members’ test drives, arrived honking outside his home! Puzzled, he went out on the balcony and just froze there, with his mouth open, unable to believe his eyes! He thought he was daydreaming! He could not believe that this car, was there FOR HIM!

He ran down three flights of stairs and started examining the car mesmerized, taking in every single detail. He was so impressed! Of course, the surprise would not be complete, without a test ride, as he was not allowed to drive the car himself!  His brother went with him and his father with his friends were following them in their Alfa 156, to admire the Giulia Veloce in action!

When they returned, his joy was indescribable! He was so excited and so happy that until he told us: “After all, it was probably better that I decided to change my wish!”! And he had not even received his new phone yet! After letting him tell us in every detail about their ride and how amazing the car was, we gave him a bag full of gifts and he began to unwrap the packages with anticipation. A lot of the items were branded with his favorite Alfa Romeo logo. He now had all the accessories, but the mobile phone was nowhere to be found!

We “started worrying” that we had lost it! We asked him to look better and eventually, it was discovered on a shelf, hidden behind some photo frames… Of course, it was placed there intentionally by our volunteers, to make him look for it! 😊. He tore the wrapping paper and immediately started programming the phone, inserting the sim card, setting up his e-mail account, etc.). Giannis is quite serious… He may not smile very often, but he is not stingy with words and he kept telling us, how happy he was! He had the time of his life! After all, twists in plans can indeed bring us the greatest joys, don’t they?

Special Thanks to KLEEMANN company for sponsoring the wish

to our volunteers: Tania Georgouleti, Anna Manoglou

to our in-kind sponsors: Sfakianakis ΑΕΒΕ, Hobby Gallery, V-Store, Savvas Print, Maria Karakitsiou (photos), Butterdream Cakes & Treats

to  ELLAKTOR Group of Companies for adopting the cost of all wishes catching in 2020 (AKTOR, ILEKTOR, EL. TEX. ANEMOS, ATTIKI ODOS, ATTIKES DIADROMES, REDS)