Evangelia thought she was only visiting Athens for her routine medical exams. Her fairies, though, had different plans for her which were filled with numerous surprises and gifts. The wonderful hotel the fairies had arranged for Evangelia and her family impressed her, but she could not have even imagined what followed afterwards.

A day before her medical exams, she received a phone call. Her fairies called her and asked her if she could rearrange her appointment, because a big surprise was waiting, and she had to see it. And that’s exactly how everything happened!

The following morning, a car came by the hotel she was staying at and transferred her and her family to the AEK stadium (one of the largest sports clubs in Greece) because she was a big fan of theirs. When they arrived, she could not believe what she was seeing! Initially, they dined at the stadium’s restaurant where Evangelia was enthralled by its amphitheatrical view towards the soccer field and the delicious food they were served. After the family’s meal, they took a tour of the stadium’s grounds. The family saw the stadium and even went to the team’s changing rooms where another surprise was in store for her; an official AEK soccer jersey! The biggest surprise was actually a little game where she found many gifts wrapped up for her…and in one of the boxes she found her smartphone! 

Evangelia never expected that her routine medical visit to Athens would have such a surprising turn and her wish would finally be granted! Her reaction “The fairies are perfect!” was the best possible proof we could have received and showed us that we had achieved our goal and surely made this day memorable for her!

Thanks to Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted Evangelia’s wish!

We would like to thank the volunteers participated in the wish: MARIA SYKIANAKI

We would like to thank our sponsors in-kind: OASIS HOTEL APARTMENTS, BYZANTINO OPAP ARENA, TA GIOULIA, MYIKONA

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