Giannis’s wish was to have a new smartphone. Also, from the first time he spoke with his fairy, he told her that he wanted to visit Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum. His love for history and culture truly touched his fairy and she did her magic so she could please him. Besides that, Giannis wanted to visit Athens for one more very touching reason… his younger sister had never visited the city and by getting to Athens he would be able to share his wish with her.

But let’s allow him to describe his wish journey in his own words:

“I had a great time!! At first, I thought all the surprises would happen at the hotel with a volunteer. But once we got there, besides the super friendly driver who escorted us at the airport and the awesome volunteers; we had a great flight with a nice airline, and I even got the chance to visit the airplane’s cockpit! When we arrived in Athens, the taxi ride was very cool, because I was wondering what I would expect. We got to a hotel, which was one of the most beautiful ones I have ever visited, a friendly volunteer was waiting for us and she took us on a tour of Dionysiou Areopagitou street. When we got to the Acropolis Museum, we were greeted by a tourist guide, one more friendly volunteer and a photographer.

The entire tour was noteworthy and magical because of our great tour guide and the rest of our nice company. When we sat at the Museum’s restaurant, I thought all of our surprises were over. At the beginning I was hungry, but when the gifts started coming, I shook with excitement. With a lot of patience, I opened each one carefully! I wasn’t even expecting so many gifts!

 Even now as we are talking, I wouldn’t change a thing about that day! I have loved the new lifestyle my new smartphone has given me! I can take many photographs and I don’t care if I have taken good shots, because the phone fixes them and they become amazing!!! After the Museum, I was so happy that I started opening each gift again and looked at everything over and over, until it was time for us to get to Allou Fun Park!

 I want to tell you that at Allou Fun Park I had a B-L-A-S-T. Our company made it an even better experience. The next day, along with our photographer, we went to the Acropolis and with our fearless tour guide managed to see all the sights. This time I had my new smartphone with me and I took photos that made me even happier!

 Afterwards, we went to a restaurant where I tasted one of the best meat dishes I have ever tried. I didn’t just have a great time…I had so much fun, that all the memories I told you have stayed in my heart and will stay forever!!!

 Thank you for everything you did for me!!

 With love,

The Joyful Giannis!”

Thanks to Konstantine Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted G.’s wish!

We would like to thank the volunteers participated in the wish: Natasa Sifaki, Giota Filippidi, Boris Anchev

We would like to thank our sponsors in-kind: Hotel Royal Olympic Athens, FREE NOW, The Acropolis Museum, The Acropolis Museum Restaurant, Dionysos Zonar’s Restaurant, Styliani Galani – Certified Tour Guide, General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, Directorate of Archaeological Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs, Allou! Fun Park, Fresh Patisserie, MyIkona, Craftbox

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