A. is a very social child, but he had a hard time accepting his new reality when he was diagnosed with his illness. That was the reason why he answered with certainty to his fairy that he wished to enjoy the day his wish would be granted at home with his family.

His fairy, though, wanted to offer him much more! As the two talked and A. became more comfortable, he opened up and told her that he liked cooking and would enjoy having a meal at a nice restaurant.

That was it! The fairy had found the perfect idea for a remarkable experience! A visit to an excellent restaurant was arranged where the whole family was greeted by the restaurant’s personnel with enjoyment. Besides the opportunity for them to enjoy a nice meal with different meats, A. got to see the restaurant’s kitchen and since he liked cooking, he learned the meat grilling secrets and he prepared something special for his family. It was a unique experience that made him smile for the rest of the day.

After the chefs told them everything about the meat, they shared tips for proper grilling and correct meat preparation. The family enjoyed their meal filled with laughter, kind teasing and nice talks alongside the restaurant’s personnel. They all had become friends and truly enjoyed their time together. Afterwards, a pile of gifts were presented to A. who eagerly unpackaged them so he could find his much longed for laptop. As he continued to open the gifts, he started worrying because he couldn’t find the laptop…could it be that his fairy had forgotten it? A tour in the restaurant revealed that another gift was waiting for him…as he was opening it up, his eyes were filled with happiness and sweet expectation. The laptop he was longing for was finally in his hands! The cake that followed afterwards was made with his favorite flavors and it was the “sweetest” way to end his day!

A.’s own words spoke directly to our hearts “I would like to thank you for the gifts, which were beyond what I had asked for. Thank you for the unique experience you gave me; it made me very happy. Also I was truly happy because of my family’s happiness. Thank you for your love. It was the best possible ending to my health’s ordeal.”

Thanks to Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted A.’s wish!

We would like to thank the volunteers participated in the wish: Sofia Karapouloutidou, Athina Amoutzidou

We would like to thank our sponsors in-kind: Sta Kala Kathoumena restaurant, Glycozy, MyIkona, Craftbox

We would like to thank our supporters in-kind: Redloop Creative Agency