“I don’t know if the word Thank You is enough… thank you for everything you did for us, for your interest, your support, your love, for your passion to do the best for my child, the stress for everything to be perfect that was in fact bigger even from my own stress.. and for your joy when the wish was granted.. like she was your own child… Thank you for the daily communication that many times turned into therapy that helped me so much… I am grateful that I met you through all this – first of all you that were my support as aforementioned but also everyone that helped grant this wish!! What you do is awesome… I don’t know if you realise how much joy you give to the children and how much strength to continue their battle… After a 9-month-long battle with the illness, I saw my child happy! With all her heart! When she opened the room door, I got to see her smile again, which I had forgotten what was like… now she has her own space, the room of her dreams or actually even better than in her dreams and I am so happy to watch her spend most of the day in there… also, happy for the fact that she now sleeps in her room on her own, while all this time she was sleeping only next to me!!! This means that she has started feeling strong again thanks to you!!! I wish you with all my heart to be blessed and well and continue to give joy, strength, love and motivation to our children to keep fighting!!! And all the joy you have given all these years to our children, may it come back to your lives multiplied by 1000!!!

Wiτh endless gratitude and love for you… many thanks!!!”

With those words, V.’s mum lit our hearts.

V.’s is a strong girl who has learned to fight and win her battles. What she has always dreamed of and wished for was to have a modern teen room. During her wish journey, she created her dream room alongside her fairy. They talked, designed and dreamed together. Evey order for the room had to be approved first by V. , who was determined and certain about what she wanted. Everything bears her “signature”, her approval. But although they designed everything together, the end result bedazzled her!

When she walked in the room and saw it all set up and ready, she could not believe her eyes. Along with her friends and family they took a lot of photos and tears of joy were running down her and her mother’s faces. There it was, the room of her dreams, much better than she had ever imagined. She kept saying “thank you” and her happiness was so obvious, that filled us with joy too.

Thanks to Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted V.’s wish!

We’d like to thank the volunteers participated in the wish: Yannis Solanakis, Dimitris Kanelakis , Evelyn Papoutsaki

We’d like to thank our sponsors in-kind: IKEA, Elite strom, Viokarpet, Asteras Natsakos trans, Photoelektriki, Vitex, Dimitrios Trantas, Kiriakos Katimertzoglou, Nikos Moudakis, Vasilis Stavrianakis, Georgios Vourakis, Sklavenitis, Kronos Patisserie