Cancer has passed. Several years may have passed. Then what? What happens to children and adolescents who battled cancer, completed their treatments, and recovered? What about those who are doing well? And how about their families?

Is everything okay, with everything left behind, or can loneliness, emotional stress, fear of recurrence, and general health concerns persist after treatments? What about the fear of reintegrating into society and school, potential changes in body image, interpersonal and romantic relationships, the expectation of marriage and parenthood, the longing to resume life that abruptly changed?

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Survival is the initial, significant, and necessary step, but the goal is a good quality of life and overall physical and mental health.

All the above and many more will be discussed at the informative event organized jointly on February 15th by Make-A-Wish (Make-A-Wish Greece) and the non-profit NGO KARKINAKI.

Will society continue to pose obstacles and continuously introduce hindrances in daily life (work, insurance, rights) for those who have experienced cancer? Why should a cancer history hinder fair treatment and privileges enjoyed by the country’s citizens?

For the past three years, Make-A-Wish Greece has been focused on a significant effort to inform and raise awareness, aiming to awaken the broader public’s consciousness, informing them that most children and adolescents with cancer will recover. It spreads and reinforces the hope of healing for children and emphasizes the multifaceted importance of wish fulfillment. At the same time, the Non-Profit Organization KARKINAKI advocates for intervention in the effort to end the taboo surrounding pediatric and adolescent cancer. They aim to find as many allies as possible to ensure that every child that has fought against cancer has access to high-level care, effective treatment, and ultimately, the right to life.

This year, on World Cancer Day, the two organizations join forces, opening a public discussion on cancer stereotypes and the inequalities experienced by those who have been through it. Therefore, on February 15, we invite you to discuss meaningful issues with young survivors that concern all of us!

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