I didn’t expect this! Thank you!“, were Iro’s words when she saw what we had prepared for her.

You see, everything had been organised in complete secrecy and the programme even included bowling matches.  We were there early to take care of every little detail for our girl. As soon as Iro entered the venue, she was surprised to see us waiting for her. Turning her head back, she saw her friends emerge and then the emotion overwhelmed her, tears began to stream from her eyes, her face was flushed and she repeated with a huge smile how happy she was.

Since her diagnosis, Iro has not attended her school classes and due to her treatments she has been away from her loved ones. When the fairy asked her what she wanted most, she wished for a state-of-the-art cell phone. For her, it would be her connection to her friends, with a daily routine outside of the hospital. It would be her way to mentally travel through videos, listen to music and capture her moments.

Her wish journey could not fail to include her loved ones, who had missed her so much and she seemed really happy and thanked us  the whole time.

Dearest Iro, that’s life, it has pleasant surprises and special people who make the days more beautiful, brighter and as special as you are. You touched us so much – your maturity and genuine reactions will always remain in our hearts along with your ever so bright smile. A day of play, love and lots of joy flooding the room. Unfortunately the heavy bowling ball proved to be stronger than Iro, who had not yet fully recovered all her strength, and so was unable to strike out. Then her friends took action, and with each of their own strike, Iro opened a present. The strikes had become everyone’s goal to make their friend smile even more, and opening the boxes one by one, she reached the one that hid the coveted cell phone! With laughter, delicious food and an even more delicious cake, the day ended sweetly.

We had a great time! Iro went crazy, it was a big surprise, she was amazed and  speechless!”, were Mom’s words , who excitedly wished us “Always be well, help and share joy. Thank you for existing!”

Thanks to Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted Iro’s wish!

We would like to thank all the volunteers participated in the wish granting: Giannis Solanakis, Maria Petrandonaki

We would like to thank all the sponsors in-kind: Eikonotropio, Mary’s delicious cousine, MyIkona, Craftbox