The day of the wish granting had arrived, but Konstantis didn’t know it yet. He already knew that it is difficult for someone to meet Giannis, so he had gathered all the patience he could. That’s why we decided to turn this wish into a huge surprise! Thus, when Konstantis traveled to Athens, he thought that he would only meet his Wish Fairy…

Our schedule was full, so the day of his arrival we arranged a simple walk in the center of Athens. First stop… the Museum of Illusions! Children and adults had fun like little children and laughed with their hearts! Before saying the first “goodbye” to Konstantinos, we told him that next day’s schedule included a visit to a Formula 1, F16 or Airbus simulator. However, he suspected us and asked if Giannis will be there. His Wish Fairy replied: “I don’t think that Giannis fits into these simulators” and Konstantinos laughed…

The next day, Konstantis and his family arrived at the location where the shooting of a famous commercial was taking place and a brief tour began, until a Fairy announced: “In a moment, Giannis Antetokounmpo will be here!” Konstantis was touched at the news. Finally, his idol, his companion during the endless hours in the hospital, would be there!

We don’t have to tell you what happened next… Giannis signed autographs, Konstantis’ shoes, jerseys and basket balls! He gave future advice to Konstantis, he thanked the children for being so patient for meeting him and took many photographs with our children – always smiling! Konstantis gave Giannis a gift and Giannis promised him that he will decorate his office with it, so he’ll never forget their meeting.

When we left the building, Konstantis asked his Wish Fairy: “Why can’t other children be able to see John in person and only we, who have these health issues can?”. We went numbed. After a while, when we were alone with him, we replied: “Konstantis, it’s better never to meet a celebrity than get ill. But, since things turned out this way, you deserve it more than any other child for replacing the time you lost in a hospital room while the rest of the kids were outside playing”.

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