Manolis is just a fantastic kid! He is polite, with a smile on his face, a good student, and a social character! He loves getting good grades and is so excited when he wins the games playing with his friends!

We met him long before the lockdown came into our lives. He confided to his fairy that he likes to relax in front of the TV and watch his favorite cartoons, Paw Patrol. So, he told her that his wish was to get a lot of toys of his favorite heroes and play with his younger sister and his friends.

Before Covid-19, we had begun to organize a wonderful day for Manolis and his family. The plan was to meet Manolis’ friends, play, and evaluate the menu of a restaurant. But our plans have changed and everything came up and down. Make-A-Wish kids and their families know better than anybody that sometimes things happen unexpectedly, and plans are often postponed or adapted to new circumstances…

The pandemic situation may have made us postpone our plans, but Manolis did not miss his desire to play! In fact, the lockdown – once again – made him think more intensely than ever about his favorite toys. He wanted his new toys so badly, that he decided that he did not want to wait any longer! He wanted us to grant his wish, the soonest possible!

Children are very flexible and “adapt” easily to unpredictable changes. So, driven by his desire and following his example, we adapted! Following all the precautionary measures, we granted Manolis’s wish.

Two fairies were constantly chatting with him on the phone, so that they engage him while his wish was ready to be granted. A treasure hunt was set up: a map full of puzzles had been assigned to him in order to find his presents! An elf put on his gloves and his mask and went to Manolis’ house. Following the protocol of the fairies, he handed over with all formality the presents for him and his sister!

You can all imagine what happened! The house was full of voices of excitement, loud laughter, meters of ribbon and wrapping paper, balloons, and many, many, too many presents! The phone call that followed, conveyed to us their enthusiasm and the joy they received by having all these presents! They made us feel like we were all together! Indescribable joy filled our hearts when we heard his mother thanking us for giving to her boy so much happiness. Our fairy mission was accomplished and tears of gratitude and joy flowed from our eyes.


Make-A-Wish kids wear masks all the months of the year. The precious smile on their face and the shine in their eyes are the reason we will continue to do the impossible –possible in order to grant their wishes!

 Special Thanks

to ΑΝΤ1 TV and especially at  Το Πρωινό και Rouk Zouk programms.

to our volunteers: Kontogiannidou Nikoleta, Aggeliki Skoutari, Giannis Moutousiadis 

to  ELLAKTOR Group of Companies for adopting the cost of all wishes catching in 2020 (AKTOR, ILEKTOR, EL. TEX. ANEMOS, ATTIKI ODOS, ATTIKES DIADROMES, REDS)