From a very young age, football was the one and only sport that 11-year-old Marios adored! He had watched millions of matches on TV, but no football tournament could compare to the Champions League. That exactly was what he wished for: to watch the Champions League Final!

Marios’ wish was delayed due to the pandemic and the lockdowns. However, we were sending him little surprises every often and then. In fact, we once planned and organized a small party for him and his friends which ended by watching a Juventus football game!

Months passed and finally, when the time of the wish granting came, Marios was more than ready! Along with his clothes, he also packed his enthusiasm and hope. Besides the fact that this was the first time that he was travelling by plane, he didn’t hesitate for a second! Arriving in Paris, a whole new world unfolded in front of his eyes! A few hours later Marios was in the stadium, among other fans, colors, happy songs and football slogans. Champions League Final was even nicer than he had imagined. It wasn’t just any other football final. It was his dream unfolding in front of him. It was the hope, the enthusiasm filling his soul. The smile we saw on his face by the time he got in the stadium will accompany him for a long, long time…

The words of his mother will remain etched on our soul like this football game will on Marios’ soul: “The only thing that upsets me is that we won’t communicate as often as we do now with Make-A-Wish Greece after the granting of Marios’ wish. Make-A-Wish Greece is now an integral part of our family. We will never forget you! We love you and we will tell the whole world!”.

firmly all the schools that participated in the WishStar Program and helped us grant Marios’ wish

to our in-kind sponsors: Samaras Store, Proav, Intersport, Fresh Patisserie, Domino’s Pizza, CL Final tickets, Holiday Inn France, Kastalitsa’s Thematic Parties for sending the birthday box-surprise to all our kids, as well as for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!