Each and every one of our kids is unique and each wish is a distinctive experience that offers joy to them and to their families. At the same time, it is a great honor for fairies and elves, as each child trusts us with his biggest dream.


Roubini, one of these special children, will always hold a great place in our hearts for another reason: her wish was the first wish we fulfilled in the middle of the lockdown due to the pandemic!


Where to begin when describing this little one! A very sweet little girl, with a smile, that lights up her face and warms our hearts, every time we see her!  Roubini has suffered a lot because of her condition. She has missed out on a lot of activities that are considered normal and given for a kid of her age… However, it hasn’t taken away from her the childhood, the love for life, and the desire to play carefree and without restrictions, like all the kids of her age.


This is exactly what the walker, which she desired for such a long time, could offer to her! That’s why she was looking forward to it and nothing was strong enough to stop her from getting it… Not even the pandemic! Covid-19 situation may have made us change our plans, but we adapted, we prepared and while following all the precautions, we granted her wish!


And everything went so well! The walker was shipped from Thessaloniki to the little girl’s house in Kavala. Although the weather was not so good, the walker continued its journey to its destination. Along with the walker, gifts for Roubini and her siblings were sent, carefully selected by the fairies for each child.

When the bell rang, the little girl had no idea that her wish was about to be granted!


As soon as she received her custom-made walker, so that she could move properly, her joy was indescribable! She was walking around the house, with a huge smile and her eyes were shining! Unfortunately, due to the situation, the fairies could not be there with her. However, knowing how necessary this walker was for the little Roubini so that she could move independently and improve her quality of life, all the fairies and elves defied the difficulties of the lockdown and gave to our little heroine the most valuable gift: they gave her autonomy. Her mom and her siblings were so excited, they thanked us wholeheartedly and they tried to convey to us the joy of the little one through the photos they sent us.

We wish her to always have this beautiful, bright smile and all her days be full of music, that she loves so much, and happy moments!

 Special Thanks

to Stergioula Vasso and her company, Vassiliki Stergioula Βασιλική & Co, for adopting the wish   

to  ELLAKTOR Group of Companies for adopting the cost of all wishes catching in 2020 (AKTOR, ILEKTOR, EL. TEX. ANEMOS, ATTIKI ODOS, ATTIKES DIADROMES, REDS)