Together we can transform a child’s life!

Volunteers, who are the soul of Make-Α-Wish Greece, contribute to the Organization’s work in many ways. Their help depends on the time and services that each one can offer, their experience, abilities and special connections.

Some of the areas of volunteer work support the following teams and each volunteer can select the team he/she wants to join:

  • Wish Team: Contact with the child – Stage of wish elicitation and contact with the parents, etc.
  • Wish Star Team: Annual training programme of the Organization
  • Creative Team: Wedding and Baptism favors, seasonal creations etc.
  • Events Team: Organization, participation in events, bazaars
  • Office Team: Secretarial support, outside work, etc.
  • Fundraising team: Sponsorships, donations, fundraising with local teams

In addition to the above there are also other areas in which volunteers can offer their services:

Airport Greeter: Welcoming Wish children and their families at the airport.
Driver: Helping and serving needs at the Department of Wishes
Wish Assist Coordinator: Responsible for planning complete experiences for visiting wish children. Duties include working with other Make-A-Wish abroad and local vendors to plan all aspects of a wish trip.  

Do your internship with us


If you are a student or a graduate and want to do your internship at Make-A-Wish… you have the opportunity to do it! Eleni from the Department of Wishes and Giannis, from the Accounting Department, are doing their internship in our Organization.


  • Administrative assistance at the Department of Wishes
  • Project Caoordinator in the “Wish Star” programme
  • IT Assistant
  • Marketing and Fundraising team
  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Project Coordinator Wish Assist
    (good command of English is essential)

You can be informed about the internships on the Centralized Internship Support system “ATLAS” (

* Internships are available for both our offices in Athens and in Thessaloniki

Applications can be submitted throughout the year.
We are looking forward to your participation!


Who can become a volunteer at Make-A-Wish Greece?

Anyone above the age of 18 can become a volunteer.

How much time would a volunteer need to give?

As a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Greece it is up to you to decide how much time you can offer. However, it is very important that the Volunteers state from the beginning how much time they can offer so that we can plan accordingly and make good use of their skills. It is understandable that many volunteers have jobs, families and a social life as well as other hobbies and obligations. Therefore, the Organization is thankful for the time the volunteers offer in the all areas they participate in.

What are the skills a Volunteer should have?

It is not necessary to have specific skills in order to become a Volunteer at Make-A-Wish Greece. What is needed is simply the passion to offer something special and unique to the children who face challenges in their everyday life. However, every Volunteer -depending on personal or professional experience- can offer their help in different departments, such as:

  • Wish Team
  • Wish Star Team
  • Creative Department/span>
  • Events Team
  • Office Team
  • Fundraising Team

Can someone do their internship at the organization?

ΦOf course. Students or graduates can contact the Organization in order to do their internship.

What is the process of becoming a volunteer?

Since the Organization’s mission concerns the sensitive issue of children, during the application process it is requested that volunteers submit a Criminal Record copy, which is issued by the Citizens’ Service Center (KEP). The required recent photo and the ID photo can be taken at the Organization’s office. Then the volunteer meets with the volunteer manager for the first time. After this meeting, the Wish team conduct another check to make sure that the volunteers are suitable for coming in contact with the Wish children and their families. All these result in an informed opinion on the suitability of the volunteer.

Is training offered to the Volunteers?

The training of the Volunteers is very important for us at Make-A-Wish Greece. All volunteers receive training, which is provided by the Action Teams and is divided into the following sections:

  • Orientation for New Volunteers (attended once by each volunteer)
  • Special Training for the Volunteers who take part in the Wish Team (after 6 months in the Organization and after having worked in different departments)



For more information you may contact us:

[email protected] or 210 9637660 (int. 104)